I always dog-ear my books. Some say this is abuse. I say it's a display of my affection. Do you dog-ear your books or use a bookmark? Do you have any special bookmarks?

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i constantly lose bookmarks, i have a complete inability to keep one for more than a day, but i dont like to dog-ear the pages... i use whatever is nearest to me when i need to stop reading, a bit of tissue, a hair band, a bank statement...
My friend says she likes her books to look well read so abuses them as much as she likes! I tell her off whenever i see them lying around her room, spine bent past 180 degrees or a cup of tea staining a sticky ring on the cover. I say that looking after my books means that they'll last me a long time and eventually they'll naturally look a bit scruffy, when they have actually been well-read!

Bookmark all the way. Keeps the book in good condition and a bookmark is better. Mine is a beer mat...which says a lot haha

I definitely use a bookmark. I don't know why but, every time I see even the slightest crease in a page in my book I become obsessive and attempt to straighten it in any possible way. And when that fails, I finish the page as fast as I can so I can move on and not have to look at the terrible crease. I'm not sure why it bothers me so much, but it's like some thing in my brain starts to focus completely on that crease and nothing else. So I use a nice bookmark that was knit with a beautiful Native American pattern. I'm a fan of the cloth type bookmarks, however if my usual bookmark is not in sight I will seriously put anything able to fit between two pages in my book until I find said bookmark.

In addition this is a very clever topic lol

I have a special bookmark with Hagrid riding his fling motorbike on it. Obviously, that is in frequent use due to its inherent awesomeness :P

Dog eared pages are one of my biggest pet peeves. Whenever I see a dog eared page, I just have to straighten it out. needless to say, I always use bookmarks, sometimes I use an actual bookmark, but a lot of the time, I just use the checkout slip from the library, since most of the stuff I read is from there.

I just CAN'T dog ear books. If it happens by accident, I'm cool with that. But if I do it...well actually I can't do it. I don't see it as abuse, I just want to keep my books in the best condition I can. I use scrap paper or the receipt for the book. Just random things. Nothing special

I dog-ear all the time because it's faster and doesn't waste the bookmarks that you have. (Meaning that I dog-ear the parts that I like the most so I can find them easily and read them for the millionth time.

For the longest time I was convinced dog ear-ing was abuse until 8th grade english. Our teacher gave us an hour lecture about how book are friends and we get to know them by marking them with notes and underlines and dog eared pages. I loved this analogy and began marking in my books, some I don't and some I do. For instance my first copy of tfios I mark and dog ear, the second which is signed by both the green brothers I do not mark in. It all depends on the book and your relationship with it. 

If it's a library book or otherwise not mine, I'll use a bookmark. But for my own personal collection? Dogears all the way.

I like to dog ear my books, actually I sort of destroy my books. By the time I'm done reading, even if it only took two or three days, it's bent and underlined and dog eared. I just feel as if a "broken in" book is loved. That is why I don't borrow books from anybody any more.

Neither. I hate dog earing my books. I understand that it's practical and easy to do and I definitely understand why others do it, I just really like keeping my books in mint condition. That being said, I find bookmarks to be a bother and I could never remember to bring one... or I would lose it. I usually just end up memorizing my page numbers :P

I always lose my bookmarks. I dog-ear out of neccesity.


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