I always dog-ear my books. Some say this is abuse. I say it's a display of my affection. Do you dog-ear your books or use a bookmark? Do you have any special bookmarks?

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I try to never dog-ear my books. I use 'book marks'... which are usually in the form of scraps of paper, post-its, or a receipt. I generally use post-it's b/c I stick it to the page I'm on. But the main reason why I don't dog-ear books is because it tends to stay slightly bent. I used to dog-ear when I was younger but I noticed that the books I read over and over started having a lot of bent corners. So I switched to bookmarks. I don't use fancy bookmarks though... They always get lost.
i grew up dog earing my books, but with hardbacks and those borrowed from friends and libraries, i use a bookmark. i tend to use whatever scraps i can find for bookmarks, but i once had a roommate who would write down every book she had read whilst using that bookmark until there was no more space on it, in which case she started over.
WHAT!? You dog-ear you books? How could you! I try to use a bookmark, but usually I end up losing it, so I just remember which page I'm up to.
My newest arguement is dog earing helps save the environment. Why waste paper or other resources on bookmarks when you can just fold a little corner of a page?
I use a bookmark but I used to dog-ear. I just started using the bookmark because it's special to me. My dean gave it after I became one of the Top 5 students in my 8th grade class last year. Awesomeness. Haha.
I use a bookmark. Just the crummy ones that I get anytime I buy something from Chapters. As far as I'm concerned, dog earing is blasphemy. However when I buy a book with a jacket, the first thing I do is discard the jacket so ... I dunno maybe I'm a bit of a hypocrite.
When I see people on the bus dog-ear their pages I cry a little bit on the inside. I use a book mark. Traditionally it's the receipt from the bookstore where I bought the book. However, I have been known to use any bills that were nearby as a book mark forcing me to not pay that particular bill until I was done with the book (sorry again T-Mobile!)
Yeah, using the receipt as the bookmark. I do that too.
Oh, bookmark definitely! Dog earing may be enviromentally friendly, but how abusive it is to the little book. But I am very strange, all of my books seem to have personalities...
I definitely prefer Boommarks.
I don't think dog-earing pages is abuse, I just don't like my book getting all teary at the edges.
I Bookmark,
I do have some special bookmarks, but I also sometimes read more than one book at a time, so I use different things, or just remember the page. I don't care if people dog-ear books, as long as they're not mine.

I Don't lick my fingers when I turn the page, I hate it when people do that, and it's why I don't loan out books.

Don't spit on books, people!
Depends on the mood of the book. I have books that absolutely scream to me "NO DOGGY EARS" while others don't seem to mind it. Same goes with underlining. I think it's a respect issue. Some of my favorite books, such as 1984, merit excessive underlining, while I wouldn't dare touch a Zusak book.


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