I always dog-ear my books. Some say this is abuse. I say it's a display of my affection. Do you dog-ear your books or use a bookmark? Do you have any special bookmarks?

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I dog-ear unless I'm borrowing someone else's book- seems impolite. But for my books I think it gives them character and shows that they have been well read and enjoyed. :)
I dog ear my books- I'd just loose a bookmark anyway.

Always dog-ear. Sure, it's a bit paranoid, but I'm always afraid the bookmark will fall out somehow =_= it has before, so I cannot trust it... Plus, if the dog-ear unfolds, you can still find your place because of the crease :) HOORAY FOR DOG-EARS!! :D

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH bookmark. Dog-earing hurts my heart. Why abuse the beautiful, crisp pages of an innocent book? <3

I dogear them. I also sit drinks on them... and pile things on them in my packpack that bends their covers... and leave them in the floor for puppies to maul and/or widdle on.

It's tough love. XD

*gasp* You are committing book-a-cide when you do that!

I always use a bookmark, even if it's just a scrap of paper, not because I don't want to harm it (heck, I write in my books all the time), but because I've just gotten into the habit of using a bookmark. I have a special one that "highlights" the last line you were reading on, because I have a really bad memory for where I stop reading, unless it's at the end of a chapter :P

I'm a bit OCD when it comes to how people "bookmark" their books, I usually will rip up a peice of paper and stick it in their book if they dogear it or leave it sitting open.

I have a knack for remembering where I am in a book so unless it's an super long book (in which case I dog-ear) I do neither.
After seeing the damage my mother has done to her books, dogearring them, leaving them open to break their binding, leaving them in such careless places. It horrifies me. I take great care of my books because I want to keep them for as long as possible, dogearring would only harm them. If it's a hard cover book I just use the sleeve, if it's a soft cover I just go to where I think I left off and find the last familiar thing. Because if you don't remember what you've read, you might as well read it again.
I only dog-ear my own personal books which I do not mind ruining. ALWAYS use a bookmark for books that do not belong to me, NO EXCEPTIONS. Out of respect for others' property, I 'spose.
i alternate, if i have a spare piece of paper handy or a bookmark them i'll use it. But if i don't have one in immediate sight i will dog ear them, my book or not. i think having a bunch of dog-ears and highlights in a book really show a person loves the book, and it really tells me about the person, and i find that interesting, especially after i have read the book and i can compare what pieces i thought were good and what that person thought.
I dogear my pages. Bookmarks are too fussy for me, and I always land up losing them. All the books that I've finsihed look like I've taken them to Hell and back. They're tattered, tea-stained, etc. When I read books, I usually take them everywhere with me and so they pick up a lot of damage on the way.


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