I always dog-ear my books. Some say this is abuse. I say it's a display of my affection. Do you dog-ear your books or use a bookmark? Do you have any special bookmarks?

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Neither. I hate dog earing my books. I understand that it's practical and easy to do and I definitely understand why others do it, I just really like keeping my books in mint condition. That being said, I find bookmarks to be a bother and I could never remember to bring one... or I would lose it. I usually just end up memorizing my page numbers :P

I always lose my bookmarks. I dog-ear out of neccesity.

I dog ear because i am usually in a hurry or to busy to look for a book mark. sometimes i put both because i have paper in my hand that i want to set down and have already dog ear'd the book.

I dog ear books that I will go through quickly--such as books about college applications. :( Sad books right there; I try to get through them really fast.

However, any fiction books I read, I bookmark. Dog ears in fiction books distract me. Don't ask me why, because I have no idea why; it just does. I usually just use a normal note card. They get the job done. 

(could also be my recent conversations about the weird things that mess with one's suspension of disbelief but)

if this is specifically a problem with fiction vs nonfiction it might have something to do with how easily you can get into any story. 

Somehow I always just remember the page. I never intentionally try to remember the page number, I will close the book and realize I never looked at the page number. But then I open the book up and just know where it is. I hate using bookmarks and I could never dog-ear a book. But now I've been using a kindle and so I let it remember for me :)

heh, let the kindle remember

I bookmark, because even though I do like when books have that worn telltale sign that they have been read often, I simply cannot bring myself to do this to any book I read. Even if it's a schoolbook I'll probably use some kind of bookmark (or simply write down the pages I need to read on a note somwhere). I tend to lose my bookmarks aswell, though usually they turn out to just be lost inside another book that I've forgotten that I was reading. For this reason I have a small arsenal of bookmarks tucked away on a shelf for my convenience, and if I can't find one to use I'll usually just grab whatever that is reasonably flat and can tuck away neatly into a book without damaging it. I think I've used a hairband at some point...


Both! When I first buy a book, it's so nice and clean and fresh and it just smells so good. BUT THEN when I actually start reading a book, I hate keeping track of bookmarks and you know dog-ear(ing) books is so convenient. I'm too lazy to not dog-ear. The way I see it is that it's my book, I can do what I want.   :D

I have a problem of not being able to stop reading- often times I fall asleep but I remember where I was. I just remember the page. But My loved books are left with bent spines, frayed edges and musty pages :)

I just remember the page number. 


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