I think everyone or atleast most people have seen the earth hour video. So who actually did participate in the earth hour ? I want to see of it really had the effect the people wanted to have.
I know i did participate, How about you ?

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I will. It's only 7:00 PM here.
I did. here on the east coast 9 PM has come and gone. I'm actually still amazed that I got my house mates to participate!
Me! I had to convince my whole family, but soon the only light I could see came from my laptop. :)
I think a good chunk of the nerdfighters participated...which is awesome.
Btw- I'm a bit late to add, but I did.
I'm on my school environmental committee - I think I have to.
I did. It was actually cool. Oh I have a story. So my friend and I are sitting on her porch during Earth Hour and I see a neighbor's porch light is on, and my friend he is sure he is out of town, so I decide to unscrew his porch light during Earth Hour. While doing so, unknown to me he sneaks up close to the door then screams as loud as all get-out "Get the **** off my porch! Who the *** are you? Get the *** outta here before I call the cops!" really at the top of his lungs!! I apologized and tried to explain, but he was not exactly in the mood to listen. So, lesson learned. Don't try to do the right thing for others because others are sometimes not interested. I should not have touched his porch light, but gosh, wasn't that a little weird? Or no? It was in a kind of rental complex too, not like I crossed a bunch of private property to reach his 'porch'. Was it that wrong of me?
Anyway, not a lot of folks in Tucson participated, but most people I know did and it was a good thing.
I participated but ended up going to another building on campus because we weren't participating as a university.

However, my school was having it's Spring Formal in downtown Chicago in the Sears Tower. I did not go but asked some friends to take pictures of Chicago completely blacked out - no change. Maybe a couple of buildings were off, but overall no change. Perhaps if I saw a comparison picture... So, personally, I thought I had gotten the picture from explaining it to everyone I talked to in that hour. However, as soon as I got back to my room two hours later, everything got plugged right back in... :(

I think I had more of a reality check when we lost power a couple of days ago; it was out for twelve hours. In the time we spent at home we had nothing to do and my parents just stared around the room. I was trying to write something on my laptop but my dad was staring at my screen and being nosy so I stopped. (Hypocritically, I was using my laptop, but I was also using my brain to write a story...) We're so dependent on technology and that bothers me!
YEAH! me 2XD hjehe my whle family in fact
I participated... I think there was a lot of big cities in Denmark (Well, as big as they get here :P) that participated and made some entertainment while it was going on.
I myself sat all alone at home with a little candle... Quite cosy :)


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