I just read American Gods and I loved it. I am a quarter of the way through Fragile Things. I am new to his works and are looking for help with what I should read. Feel free to comment in general but here are some questions.
Which books have you read by him?
Do you have a favorite?
Have you read his comics? If so did you like them?
What are some of the other Sci-Fi or Fantasy writers that you enjoy besides Harry Potter, LOTR and Star Wars?

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I was bored and just found this post. I just finished Stardust, and it was really incredible (the movie is good too). Also Coraline is a quick read, but really scary in a not-scary way. If that makes sense. I don't like truly scary books, but this one will make your skin crawl a little bit. I picked up Neverwhere tonight at the book store and while I haven't started it, my friend who works there said it was probably his favorite Neil Gaiman.

If you're looking for other Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, check out the Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. Another one I've become addicted to thanks to my friend at the bookstore.
The sandman series is incredible. absolutely incredible!!! i just started American Gods and so far I like it, but I've read most of his comics and they're great. His first comic, Violent Cases, is great too, but not Sci-Fi or fantasy. the art work is especially excellent.
I've been a Gaiman junkie since I picked up Coraline as a wee thing. I've read a good deal of his novels, most of Sandman, etc.

I'm going to recommend Good Omens and Coraline. Good Omens is very funny, with the added bonus of including the work of another fabulously bad-ass sci-fi author. Coralien is one of those books that feel like a fabulous adventure when you're young, and when you're grown its frikkin terrifying. Still, fabulous :)


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