I was wondering about the different places that nerdfighters live? Or where would you like to live or visit and why?
I live in the US and I would really like to live in or visit Australia!

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i live in atlantic canada.
i'd like to live in central canada, and visit most of europe, and malaysia.
hey, i live in malaysia! lol , here's what u posted:
i live in atlantic canada.
i'd like to live in central canada, and visit most of europe, and malaysia.

why do you wna go to malaysia?
i live in chicago but i want to live in london so i wouldnt be far from charlie and nerimon!
i want to visit japan urban or rural
I live in Virginia, US, and I would love to live/visit Japan. My current goal right now is to join the Jet Programme, and be sent to Japan to teach english. I love the language and the culture.

Europe, too, would be nice--the 'Old World' and all of that.
I'm hoping to join the Jet Program too! I start Japanese classes in September and I can't wait.
I live in São Paulo, Brazil ^^ But if I could choose, I'd probably live somewhere in Europe.

I haven't left Brazil yet, but I'm going to Vancouver in July, and possibly Buenos Aires in September!

Where would I like to visit?
All the world! That propably won't be possible, but seriously, I would like to go almost anywhere!
I'm in Oxford, but I'm American.
Canada. I'd like to be back in the US though and I'd like to visit London.
ugh I hate the US but if I have to stay here forever I will want to live in like South Dakota or maybe Oregan or Washington (not D.C, the state Washington, lol)
i live in the us. texas ya'll [i don't have a hick accent tho]
i want to go all over the world and thats my plan for after collage go around the world for a year
That would be awesome, except when people usually get out of college there are three feet deep in debt. You can travel during college, study abroad programs.
I live in a small town in Canada and I'm dying to see Ireland. And the U.K., as well as many other countries, but mostly Ireland :)


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