I don't know if this has come up but I was re-watching Star Wars and I can't really say that Darth Vader is my favorite villain anymore. I don't know why. Anyway, who's your favorite villain? And who's your favorite hero for that matter. (For me there is a tie ftw: Malcom Renolds from Firefly/Serenity and Achilles from Troy.) Could be from a book, movie, video game, comic book, or whatever else your genius minds come up with.

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I agree the Joker is probably my all time favorite Villain but my favorite hero would be hte X-men and more specifically NightCrawler
the morrigan from Moore's Dirty Job and the city leader from Pratchett's discworld series (maybe not exactly a villain but scary, compelling & effective ....also The Mule from the Foundation Trilogy by Asimov
Im gonna have to go with Magneto being my favourite "villian" ... yes i know he wasnt really a villian he just had different views but he filled the role pretty well in the Xmen cartoon oh and good call on whoever mentioned the joker.... and as for my favourite hero... Id have to say Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series...
Favorite villian:
GLaDOS from the game Portal.
Oh man, GLaDOS scared me so badly when I played Portal. If it wasn't for Still Alive at the end of the game, I probably would have been traumatized. XD
Favourite vill: Ganondorf from LoZ (Someone's said this, and I so totally agree)
Favourite hero: Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird xD
Cruella DeVille pwns all!!
LMAO! My mom's nickname for awhile was Cruella DeVille....for the crazy driving, not the cruelty towards animals.
i don't know if he counts, but chuck norris. because, really, what's better than a good chuck norris joke? my fave villain, other than that, is the evil principal from ferris bueller.
It's been a while since I've been a fan of anything that had an actual villain in it.... I'm quite partial to the villains in Sailor Moon though. Particularly Queen Nehelenia - she was like... the Princess of the Eclipsed Moon or something like that. She ended up being purified or something like that - but while she was evil she was pretty cool.

And... I dunno - Spider Man has always been a favorite generic hero of mine. And a little more unconventionally my favorite hero would probably be Susan from Discworld. I'd say she qualifies to a point.
I'm not sure if this person falls under hero or villain, cause he can be viewed as both.
Tyler Durden.
Favorite Hero: SCOOBY-DOO (and the rest of the gang :] ) he's just so fun and awesome and that show just makes me happy =]
Favorite Villain: Voldemort because he was truly evil inside and had not one bit of compassion...cause you know how in some movies or books the villain will just crack and be "I'm sorry it's just I hate my life, that's why I'm so mean I'll be good from now on" or somthing...he doesn't do that ... he's pure I am VERY bad at explaining stuff anyone reading this is probably like what is she talking about?? haha sorry! =D

or Ben Linus from Lost because he's so mysterious and you never whats up his sleve! and he can talk and slip his way out of everything!


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