If you were FORCED to get a tattoo right now, but you could choose anything...

What would it be, where would you put it, and WHY?!

And none of that "hurrhurr a little dot in my bellybutton so no one would see hurrhurr". Thats called cheating.

Show us any images / designs you may have. =D

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My two tatoo ideas would require me being completely unconscious, numbed, sedated, whatever. All the same, someday, I will probably get one of them n_n!

Option 1: A tree on my back, the trunk starting just above my hip and the canopy ending atop my shoulder blades

Option 2: A river flowing from my left hand up my arm and around my body, ending on my right foot.

I love nature and am interested in starting as a Bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids school of Druidry sometime soon. I am not sure, yet, what kind of tree. Perhaps the White Tree? Perhaps a standard "Look, it is a tree!" tree. I don't know. Maybe, when I find out what my favorite tree is (because Druidry is pretty heavy on trees), it will be that.

The river is because I have a love of the river and river rafting (either white eater or just floats) has been one of the greatest things in my life to date. I have also been equating my life with water more and more these days... Symbolically, I am water. Physically, I am water. Mentally, I am flowing water. Just good stuff!
Mine would say "Pull it one more mile."
Hm I think I would get a phoenix somewhere on my back... Or perhaps a small butterfly on my wrist. I have a feeling I would be a person to start out getting one tattoo and then leave with five :)
A sunflower on my ankle.
My sister died when i was 6 and she really liked sunflowers.
I want the jedi symbol on my left shoulder. They had that symbol on their armor in the same spot. I love Star Wars and I plan on getting this tattoo in maybe a year or so, I don't need to be forced to get this.

I believed this was a question correctly asked, considering most would put "what tattoo do you want?"

there's a Jedi symbol? 

are you sure you don't mean the Rebel Alliance symbol?

Something tiny on my pinkie toe. Maybe a pi symbol because I hate math so much that I'll carry pi around with me forever, reminding me that I made it.
If I could ever find an apple that I liked well enough, I'd get that.
Something on my palm would be cool, is that even possible? Awesome face, maybe?
There are endless quotes I could get "You called me mad, and I am mad as a hatter" "Upendo, Anta Habibi" ... This? if I was feeling bold.
Something in multiple languages. I love languages
Sun around my belly button? or This- I really like that one.

But truthfully I'd probably never ever get anything but the first. I adore henna though.
I've wanted to get 'And in time, this too shall pass' tattooed on the inside of my right wrist for quite a while now. Its a quote i find really encouraging because it can be taken in 2 different ways. That you should make the most of all the good things in life, because one day they will be gone and any horrible times you may be experiencing, will also pass.

Maybe one day i will finally get the tattoo and stop wussing out of it, haha
"Seize the day, or die regretting the time you lost..." as a band on my wrist or lower arm :)
I think I'd get a doe patronus.
I want one anyway, I'm just too much of a wimp!
I would get 4 xxxx on my wrist, the no XIII and a star on my other wrist.. I actually plan to get them when i turn 18 XD..- but if should pick something really nerdy.. I would choose The TARDIS on my left arm 8D
I'd tattoo a mustache on my face (not on my forehead, where a mustache belongs). Why not?


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