For all that that type/write for leisure, what font do you enjoy using? I'm working on a novel and I'm getting frustrated because I can't find a font that I like. This is important because I'm going to be typing for a while.
Most of my classes require Times New Roman for things I have to turn in, but I detest that font.
I'm sure not many people really care as much as I do, but I am just wondering :-D

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Haha, I love Times New Roman, actually.

But I prefer the slightly different Georgia font. :)

Verdana and Trebuchet are easy on the eyes, too, but they aren't made to 'follow'. And by that I mean, they aren't really made for reading long paragraphs without losing your place, like Times is. So those two probably aren't the best for a novel...I'm definitely not an expert on this subject, sorry. X3

Cool topic, by the way! And good luck with that novel!
Georgia is the best font ever!
But I'm starting to have a liking for Calibri (I think its called that...), but not when I'm writing stories, just when I'm writing ICT reports. It looks all professional and Apple-esqe!
It depends on what you're typing in, really. There's a right font for everything.

In general, I like to use Jenson Pro and Caslon Pro.
And Berkeley Oldstyle, if I could get my hands on it :)
Times New Roman is nice, but only when used appropriatly (which it often isn't.)

And I hate comic sans :p
There is only one purpose for Comic Sans: A 7 year olds birthday invitations.
There is a group/profile on myspace that is called "Ban Comic Sans". You can buy all kinds of merchandise that proclaims it and calls out against Comic Sans!
Comic Sans is a downright sin.

I like Comic Sans :(

I'm a fan of georgia, but I think it's too big for what I'm doing. Like when I switch to Georgia I get almost twice as many pages, and I think that's just going to make me think I've written more than I have. I also love Palatino, which is also too big.
I too absolutely detest Times New Roman. I have almost all of my computer set to Book Antiqua. I do like others though too. I also don't like Arial, although I do like Helvatica.
Yeah, that'd what I love about it! :D
i've been using Courier set at 11pt size. But I still think I can do better.
Yeah, Times New Roman is such a plain, standard font. I like to use Courier New for regular stuff, and Mistral for poems.


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