Well; these are MY favorite bands
what are yours?

any we have in common?

the bird and the bee, bright eyes, 3OH!3, the blow,
mewithoutyou, primus, gregory and the hawk, corey crowder,jack's mannequin, young jeezyy, the yeah yeah yeahs, the mars volta, dave matthews, all time low, paramore, cake, gucci mane, the grates, death cab for cutie, ben kweller, say anything, weezer, bloc party, muse, forever the sickest kids, math the band, miarose, young love, neutral milk hotel, the misfits, nofx, laava, horrorpops, bethany joy lenz, phantom planet, feist, peaches, gatsby gets the green light, tolfer brown, young buck, sara bareilles, landon pigg, oh no oh my!, gravy train, the decemberists, michael buble, the postal service, jem, foxy shazzam, foggy, demi lovato, maria mena, carina round, against me!, xiu xiu, regina spektor, anberlin, demetri martin, the strokes, modest mouse, elisa, goldfrapp, baby bash, soulja boy, 1-800-ZOMBIE, the velvet underground, mindless self indulgence, view from an airplane, lily allen, dinosaur jr., sia, emily haines, the shins, tilly and the wall, dragonforce, ben lee, mute math, young dro, horse the band, metro station umbrellas, bjork, the used, owl city, beck, underoath, minus the bear, metro station, progress in color, saving abel, plumb, my american heart, darkhearts, tegan & sarah, kate nash, a change of pace, interpol, prima j, lucero, cat power, jimmy eat world, millionaires, brand new, as cities burn, rilo kiley, amy winehouse, the beatles, mika, ben folds, lily allen, meg & dia, haste the day, the format, straylight run, the frames, elliott smith, playradioplay, job for a cowboy, animal collective, balance problems, meriwether, bens brother, sonata arctica, select start, something corporate, motion city soundtrack, schuyler fisk, o.k go, cartel, keri noble, the maine armor for sleep, the rocket summer, michael andrews, porcelain and the tramps, cobra starship, ultraviolet sound, toxic lipstick, bob marley, tila tequila, dashboard confessional, lights, solstice, band of horses, saosin, venice queen, bringmethehorizon, powerspace, coheed & cambria, ingrid michaelson, alexisonfire, from autumn to ashes, the bravery, crystal castles, circa survive, breathe carolina, sky eats airplane, etc etc.

I'm sure theres SO many more i'm forgetting.

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Barenaked Ladies
Cat Stevens
Common Market
Dave Matthews Band
David Hunt
Jack Johnson
Jurassic 5
Kenny Loggins
Moxy Früvous
Nothin' to See
Oingo Boingo
Paul Simon
Reina Del Cid
Suzanne Vega
They Might Be Giants

OK, yeah, that's just some. it was four times that long but I cut it for brevity's sake.
*gasp!* i forgot They Might Be Giants!
Reina Del Cid, truly made of awesome.
Though I love lots of bands and artists, Lifehouse is definitely made of awesome. I've loved them for a very long time and they never get old.

And I met them a couple days ago. It was AMAZING. I already have the picture framed an on my wall.
I have a lot in common with yours actually! My all time favorites are:
My Chemical Romance
Ani Difranco
Cat Power
Mindless Self Indulgence
Taking Back Sunday
Silversun Pickups
Smashing Pumpkins
The Matches
Fear Before the March of Flames
Panic at the Disco
Sigur Ros
Rufus Wainwright
30 Seconds to Mars
Senses Fail
The Shins
Kimya Dawson
The Kinison
Green Day
Guns N' Roses
The Dresden Dolls
Emilie Autumn
Hawthorne Heights
Death Cab for Cutie
Brand New
The Used
awesome stuff
Pearl Jam
Neutral Milk Hotel
Brand New
Ani DiFranco (yes I do get called a lesbian all the time for listening to her even though I'm a guy)
At the Drive-In
The Distillers
Straylight Run
Our Lady Peace
and like a billion more I just don't want this post to go on forever
<3 Neutral Milk Hotel
here are 10 of my faves because i dont have enough time to post them all

Linkin Park
The Beatles
the Ting Tings
The White Stripes
Phantom Planet
Death Cab For Cutie
A New Found Glory
ACDC, Aerosmith, Afi, Arcade Fire, Athlete, Audioslave, Beastie Boys, Blaqk Audio, Blink 182, Blue Oyster Cult, Brand New, The Bravery, Breaking Benjamin, Bush, Cat Power, Chevelle, Clann Zu, Coldplay, Creedence, Damien Rice, Dashboard Confessional, David Bowie, Dire Straits, Dragon Force, Dropkick Murphys, Eisley, Eric Clapton, Europe, Flogging Molly, Foo Fighters, The Format, Frank Sinatra, Franz Ferdinand, The Fratellis, Free, Funeral for a Friend, Godsmack, Gratitude, The Greenhorns, Gregory and the Hawk, Guns n Roses, HIM, The Hives, Hot Hot Heat, The Hush Sound, Incubus, INTERPOL, Iron and Wine, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Eat World, Joan Jett, Kean, The Killers, Ladytron, LCD Soundsystem, Led Zepplin, Lenard Skynard, Magneta Lane, The Mars Volta, M.I.A., Metallica, Modest Mouse, Morrissey, Motion City Soundtrack, Nightwish, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Ozzy Osbourne, Paramore, Patrick Wolf, Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Placebo, The Police, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Raconteurs, The Rasmus, Rodrigo y Gabriella, The Rolling Stones, Rufus Wainwright, Santogold, The Scorpions, The Seatbelts, Sea Wolf, Silverstein, The Smiths, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smiths, The Strokes, Sum 41, System of a Down, Taking Back Sunday, The Ting Tings, Tool, The Von Bondies, Voxtrot, Weezer, The White Stripes, The Who, Wolfmother, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 30 Seconds to Mars, 32 Leaves, and on and on forever… Delete Comment
yay for Hot Hot Heat :D
In threads like this, I usually just search the entire page for Weezer. If anyone lists Weezer as one of their favorite bands, I love them forever.

Anyway, here's my list, and I'll keep it pretty short:

The White Stripes
Harry and the Potters
30 Seconds to Mars
Ozzy Osbourne
Alkaline Trio
The Shins
Eric Whitacre
Kelly Clarkson
The Smashing Pumpkins
Jets to Brazil
The Mudbloods
The Whomping Willows
Ministry of Magic
plus a bunch of other wizard rock bands
and of course, musicals!


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