I'm the only person in my family who thinks cartoons are worth watching. Everyone else in my house thinks they're simplistic, brain-melting wastes of time. And they're right. About SOME cartoons. For instance, and I'm sorry, I know I'm majorly in the minority here, but I consider Spongebob Squarepants to be the ultimate atrocity in modern animation. But there are others, becons of light in an endless wasteland of corporate soullessness. There are cartoons that push the boundaries, and redefine what animation means.

This thread was inspired by the Avatar: The Last Airbender thread. There were so many enthusiastic replies there, that I know there are a lot of Nerdfighters out there who think like I do. So I want to discuss what's good about animation. Here are some of my favorites:

Avatar: The Last Airbender-There's a whole thread on this show, so I won't go too in-depth. I love Avatar for its rich and complex world, its rich and compelling characters, its graceful and believable art style, its fascinating architecture and it's astounding animal life.

Gargoyles- The 90's at its best. The characters and environments were vivid, the voice acting was close to flawless, it's story arcs were gripping and complex, and it's jokes were, well, jokes.

The Weekenders- Ended before its time. A childrens show that didn't talk down to children, what a concept! This was my very first introduction to the wonderful world of sarcasm and snark! Also, JASON MARSDEN!!! The voice talent was exceptional. Beyond exceptional.

W.I.T.C.H- Based on a comic I never read and probably never will read. The worlds are richly imagined, the characters develop naturally and fluidly over time. The emotions are raw and real, the heroines are relatable and serve as strong, positive role-models for young girls. The drama is gripping, and for once there's a cartoon that's not afraid of putting the protagonists in real danger, and acknowleging it. Also? JASON MARSDEN!!!

Fillmore-Like The Weekenders, this was a rare example of Disney gone right. It takes the crime drama and brings it to childhood without being patronizing or dumbing it down. It's the fun and irreverence of American animation but at a higher level. Orlando Brown does a fantastic job voicing the titular character, Safty Patrol Officer Cornelius Fillmore.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series-I love comic books, I adore Spider-Man, and this show is why. Even with rediculous FCC restrictions on the dialogue and action, Marvel managed to bring the web-slinger to televised glory for the first time in decades!

There are a lot more cartoons that I love. Danny Phantom, Chaotic, Batman: The Animated Series, just to name a few. I want to know what cartoons opened your eyes, and why they were so good for you.

And I won't hate you if you like Spongebob. But I will most likely look at you funny for a very long time.

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My favorite cartoons are Invader Zim, Fosters home for imaginary friends, danny phantom, i used to love hey arnold, And DEFFINATLY rugrats....theres also the mr. men show, scooby-doo, and last but not least storm hawks.

i'm also the only one in my family that finds cartoons worth watching =]
Invader Zim was amazing, and fosters has so many jokes not just for kids. and scooby doo was my life as a child
I am really surprised (and maybe I missed it).

The Simpsons. I mean, maybe you consider it an Animated Sitcom (which it is), but I consider it one of the greatest cartoons of all time. And I do agree, it is in a different category than some of those cartoons mentioned, but I think it's still worth mentioning.

I was a big fan of Batman from the nineties. It's kind of dark, but I think that is the way Batman is supposed to be.

Rocko's Modern Life - Kind of really gross, but kind of really funny.

The Fairly Oddparents - I didn't think this show would be good, but I was wrong.

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Garfield and Friends
Inspector Gadget - oh yeah!

Captain Planet (he's the hero - gonna take pollution down to zero!)

The Jetsons
Tiny Toon Adventures
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Flapjack ( I don't know why I like this)
Pokemon (Though I don't like it and don't watch it)
The Simpsons are a staple of the animated world. The core episodes in the beginning are amazing and I hope their reign never ends. Also, Futurama! Just as excellent and I'm severely disappointed in its cancellation.

Also Dilbert! Quite sophisticated and clever humor. Must be why it died too.

If the Simpsons ever went, I wouldn't know what to believe in anymore. *is being dramatic*

Haha Garfield and Friends! I loved that show when I was young!

Just curious, what made you list pokemon even though you don't like it and don't watch it?
I still love cartoons! Even if theyre pretty gross and violent nowadays, I love the mind-numbingness of the stupid, really. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was brilliant in my opinion, it was stupid but in a good way that made me laugh in every episode...I wonder why they don't show it anymore?

I love love love Ed, Edd, and Eddy! I wish I was like them when I was little. Not the newest ones though, I hate that they started going to school. The whole, "eternal summer" thing hooked me, and now that they go to school and change outfits it just...loses the image I had of them.

I also really like Courage the Cowardly Dog. I've always thought it was really creative and awesomely made. The storylines were different in every episode, but the outcome was always the same and I liked that.

Another guilty pleasure I have is Ben 10: Alien Force, I was never really interested in Ben 10, but then they came out with Alien Force and I watched it once and now I'm hooked!
I miss Rugrats, whatever happened to that show?
I still watch Spongebob sometimes. The show is so random and it, sometimes, has a adult humor in it, it surprises me what they say/do sometimes.
I used to LOVE Ren and Stimpy that show was a riot, and so very trippy.
Thundercats and Smurfs were my favorite shows to watch as a kindergartner and younger.
Although the show was stupid beyond reason, I thought the show Dave the Barbarian was hilarious.
The writers made the Rugrats grow up and made a crappy spin off series :(
Did I miss anyone mentioning Samurai jack? Because that show ruled! The backgrounds alone are amazing. And of course (as LadyG mentioned)
Batman: the animated series, back in the 90's. I agree with Wodey: very dark and psychological, as batman should be. Man, did I love that show. I still have the VHS tapes with the episodes I used to tape.
I also watched The Maxx when I was way too young for it, and it boggled my mind that a cartoon could be so twisted. Made a lasting impression on me. Same for Aeon Flux.
YES Samurai Jack was so awesome and incredibly beautiful. Loved watching it!
i like watching spongebob on mute and see how weirded out i get.

but my epic cartoon was really Rugrats.


that show insipred my imagination as it is.

i miss it =(
Did anyone Mention Home Movies? Futurama? Adult Swim anyone?
Those two are definitely near the top of the best cartoon list for me. Actually I don't think there can be a list. It's more of a cloud, like an electron cloud. They just kind of orbit around there on a pedestal.
no one mention KA BLAM.

ohh man.


starring, The flesh...he's super strong...and super naked.
THUNDERGIRL. she flies. like thunder



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