Post here to tell everyone what kind of Nerdfighter you are. It would be fun to see how many different types of Nerdfighters there are. DIVERSITY PREVAILS!

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i'm a t-shirt and jeans nerdfighter
im the BEST KIND!
all nerdfighters are pretty bombin'
really? thats funny cause i am too *high five*
HAHAHA nah im not as cool as some =[
I would say a Comic Book nerdfighter and a Video Game nerdfighter with just a hint of Music nerdifghter
wow. you're hardcore.
I would call myself a muffin fighter! Also a fantasy book nerd fighter:P And a guitar playing nerd fighter.... among others : )

A muffin fighter? So do you fight against the tyranny of the overly-sweet breakfast food, or do you enjoy them enough to be a muffin nerd?

i get the impression, as it's being used right before two sentences with the word Nerdfighter, that it's the second.

I'm inclined to agree with you.


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