I Just want to know; what do people think time is; a Vector or a Scalar?

Post with your opinion, I want to see what most people think about this.


Ok, to avoid confusion:

A Scalar is a quantity that has only magnitude(size); for example: Distance, Speed, Mass.

A Vector is a quantity that has magnitude(size) and Direction(that it acts in); for example: Displacement, Velocity, and Weight.


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Ah right I see, even so, that is an interesting concept, although it is difficult to travel backwards in time without exceeding the speed of light, at least so far as I know, although frankly I am only in 6th form, which in america would be about second last year of high school, so I don't know as much as I would like on the subject, but there is nothing that interests more than quantum time theories
Yes, but because it is always treated as a scalar, at least when it is taught, and so people just accept that. I always get the worst answer, it really annoys me because it show how little people think about things,: 'Because it just is' *sigh*
Hmm. you certainly do have a point, I was taught it earlier this year, I guess that you only can derive vectors when dealing with physics I guess. It is interesting to see it from a more mathematical side, being more interested in physics and having a very visual mind I tend not to think about it, although when I do think about things in mathematical ways I tend to come up with rather interesting things, like I have a method to prove Zero is infinity, now it doesn't work, but only someone who knows a lot about the concept of infinity would be able to notice why.
HA! Short and simple! I LOVE IT!


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