Twilight-- am i the only one who doesnt like??

I just really think that the plots are not well thaught out and that Meyer simply just cant write ( has anyone else notised that she tries to use big word but they dont end up making any sence( its actually rather funny)
I know that ill probably get like hazed for saying this but does any one agree?

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OH my gosh!!!
i compleatly agree you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hated eragon!
i mean it was almost comical to read
well im alright with you and other hardcore fans having this opinion, quite honestly im a super fan of many things that i am the first to admit are generally pretty mediocre if not down right bad (harry potter for instance, the plot is pretty unimaginative and the caricters are one demetialnal and dont evan get me started on the writing but none the less i am a huge fan) i tend to be a literary snob, ill admit, but i think that people should be open to multipal views/opinions and having in depth descussions about them , so thanks for the warning, but i dpont think it was nessicary, i knew what i was getting into when i made that post (and this one)
I havent read it but I don't think I'd like sister told me every single detail....I'm too much of a Harry Potter fan to be totally fasinated by these I guess...I don't think I like em...I mean how can he be a vampire if he can go out in the sun and just doesnt make sence...I need things to be traditional when it comes to was as if she wanted this story to happen so badly she just changed whatever she wanted...I feel she needed to work around the obstacle...not totally remove it...

And the characters need growth...Bella is the same through all the books...I mean not exactly the same but these things shes going through need to make her grow mentally spiritually and personality wise...if that makes any the end shes still just the same old insecure Bella that I can't stand
I listened to Twilight as an audio book and I honestly don’t think that I would have made it all the way through by reading it.

It would be interesting to find out how many times the word ‘beautiful’ is used as a description of Edward. One would think that after being alive for as long as he has that he would have a more complex character and personality and not need to fall back on the superficial quality of just being beautiful. Beautiful is boring, I want to see something deeper.

There is great fanfiction potential, though. haha
Hahah, potential fanfiction. That's exactly what I thought the first and last time I read Twilight. I was could find this stuff on the internet!

Everyone tries to bring up Meyer's 'skills' as a writer to the floor, like her major in college or whatever, but honestly...the books are more like teenage rubbish, to me.
i agree with that thaught, they tend to get blown out of propotion
yes i agree, the plots are... well just plain pathetic, and they are badly writen...

however, i do really like the series. it's the type of book that is like pure fluff... and it's really good to read when you're sick and you head is all fuzzy and so you cant think enough to realize that the book is crap and you just end up being all 'aww that's so sweet' and you get a warm fuzzy feeling and then can fall asleep and the warm fuzzy feeling can match the fuzzyness in your brain which stops you from noticing you are reading complete rubbish.
Aww... that was the first comment that made me actually want to read the books.
I love warm fuzzies.
I agree with you Emma! I hate Twilight! I think the plot is slow and it's basically only 200 pages of Bella and Edward sitting in biology class!
yeah it was rather pathetic
what books do you like?
I am a die hard Harry Potter fan and Looking for Alaska is new to my top ten! I love historical fiction.

What about you? :D
yeah harry potter is great
i have actually not read looking for alaska
but i want to
i like mostly scifi and fantasy


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