Twilight-- am i the only one who doesnt like??

I just really think that the plots are not well thaught out and that Meyer simply just cant write ( has anyone else notised that she tries to use big word but they dont end up making any sence( its actually rather funny)
I know that ill probably get like hazed for saying this but does any one agree?

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This is a huge discussion. Personally I like twilight and am getting to the point of obsession because the movie looks really good though I possibly shouldn't judge a book by its movie. Anyways here is my view on it. If you take Twilight as a stand alone book it is quite good I mean personally its the best of the 3 which is out because you are right the plot is dragged out (this is the most apparent in Eclipse) but I still like it.
I know the book has quite a few flaws like in Twilight Edward is a bit like a stalker and Bella is emo. But still I enjoy a good fantasy romance novel (i'm also addicted to Shojo manga which may explain it), and there are alot of people who like it. This can be said for any book such as Harry Potter a lot of people like it but a lot of people hate it to remember that.
As for the vampire thing there are a lot of different visions of what a vampire is ( in the early 18th century people used to think that wolfs and vampires were friends different now though isn't it) even I do so you can't say what is right or wrong because its a mythical creature. Everyone is entitled to their opinion at the end of the day.
I haven't read Twilight yet, so this may or may not sound like i'm being arbitrarily closed-minded regarding the book, but I have a deep and daunting feeling that there are only two moderately legitimate reasons as to why It's so popular.

One: Fans of vampire books such as the Anne Rice novels and the Darren Shan series of UK fame are done reading all the vampire books from either author and are desperate to sink their teeth into (haha, pun) another series of books that depict vampires.

Two: Harry Potter fangirls. personally I stopped reading harry potter after book 5 because I was angry and annoyed that JK Rowling became happier about killing off her characters than a Death Eater in Azkaban, because I felt that by the end of book 4 the only reason she continued churning out her books was to make more money, because at the peak of Harry Potter's worldwide fame back in 2001 the only person in the UK who was more wealthy than JK Rowling was the Queen of England herself. Furthermore, I believe that the "uber-fangirls", primarily the ones who like to write awkward, scary, and sometimes utterly creepy fanfiction that may or may not include homo-erotic scenes between Harry and Ron, Harry and Professor Snape, the weasley twins, Hermione and Cho Chang, and a number of other strange combinations are desperate to find more material that doesn't come from a volume of Naruto to work with, because just as Harry-on-Ron action has become boring and overdone, so has Naruto-on-Sasuke, or even Sasuke-on-Gaara. With the end of the Harry Potter series these people need something else to fill up their time with, and so they've found Edward and a number of other characters in the Twilight series to do so with.

Granted, I honestly shouldn't be saying anything until I actually READ the Twilight series, but frankly I think I should wait until i'm done reading the 4 or 5 other books that are on my current reading list on the bookshelf application on Facebook, one of which being the Count of Monte Cristo, which i've owned since 7th grade and have been reading on and off for over three years because of my short attention span and a small dose of lack of interest.

And for those of you who're really, REALLY excited about a movie version, I wouldn't count your chickens before they hatch. A bunch of friends and I got extremely excited over the Eragon Movie even before they'd gotten everything casted, and that movie was a complete and utter flop.
I'm addicted to hating it. Seriously. There's so much about that series that makes me furious. I was to KILL Bella because she's whiney and I agree that the writing is sort of... eh? Its debatable... however, I find myself addicted to it. I think I just like to argue and whine about how much I hate the book, which is why I read it.
Stephenie Meyer has said herself: she's a storyteller, not a writer. Her plotlines aren't intricate and she certainly doesn't spend a huge portion of time writing and rewriting-- apparently she wrote her first book in three months. However, I admit that the Twilight series is really addictive and I'm counting down the days to the movie.
Then she shouldn't use literary references so cheaply. I'm still baffled at the poor way she treated the parts from the Bible, Robert Frosts poem amongst other things she attempted to do.
yes you are and S. Meyer has great talent and yes they do make sense. if you knew what they would make more sense :)
I enjoyed the first one enough to continue the series but the second and third where just so boring I felt like I wasn't even awake while I read them. I forced myself through them, really.

I don't even really know what happened in them to be honest.

Like I said, I was asleep.

But I read them and so I can say that I really do not like them. I dislike the way they are written, the plot, the characters, the everything basically.

And I am sick of all these Edward obsessed girls walking around. I mean, I don't care that they like him.. thats perfectally allright but I have yet to hear a good reason why. But thats just my opinion.

I'm not going to read any more of the books though and I am not going to see the movie. Thats that.
Im not a big fan of Twilight myself. I think it is actually quite well written, however the plot just really sucks. The Romance is really stupid. Edward doesn't have much of a personality. It's such a waste of talent! If only the plot was better, it had the potential to be a better book! And Im so sick of all of Edward's fangirls! Its just sick! He's a fictional character, how desperate can you get! And like I said, he doesn't even have a personality!
You're right he doesn't have a personality. Hes a blank sheet of paper.
personally i agree with you, my idea of a vampire has also always been of something really savage and gruesome. I guess in my mind I always perceived them as being creatures of the night that enjoyed tearing apart humans as their source of nourishment and both entertainment.
Exactly. I couldn't have said it any better. It seems like they're demoting the vampires by making them watered down, and less gruesome.
I agree. I have flat-out refused to read them. All of my friends think they are amazing, and have tried to persuade me to jump on the band wagon, but I will never read them.


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