Twilight-- am i the only one who doesnt like??

I just really think that the plots are not well thaught out and that Meyer simply just cant write ( has anyone else notised that she tries to use big word but they dont end up making any sence( its actually rather funny)
I know that ill probably get like hazed for saying this but does any one agree?

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The only reason I'm reading the Twilight series is to make myself informed about the pop culture references that are bounding at every corner of the internet. That and, well, it's a girly, fun book that doesn't have eating disorders, shopping adventures, ex-husbands, etc. etc. It's not chick lit, it has vampires, and... alright, so it's a guilty-pleasure book by definition, but not one you have to feel guilty about since everyone's read it.

Stephanie Meyer is not a great author; her writing hardly rivals that of someone I could find on fictionpress. i find her widespread success as a product of good timing - Harry Potter's over, all us poor Harry Potter fanatics are wildly searching for something to fill that empty void inside all of them. There are no more secrets to untangle, no more mysteries, no more Harry Potter. The epilogue sent the millions of us fan(atics) into a spiraling vortex that might never be surmounted.

And then came along Twilight - a book with the same fantasy-type appeal, marketed at young adults. Harry Potter was indeed a children's book, and Twilight is indeed a young adult book. So the hundreds of thousands of millions of kids like me stumbled across it.

My personal Twilight experience begins in English class, where Grace found her self absorbed in the long novel. Having heard of it before, as I am an internet junkie, the cover was pretty and I asked her if I could borrow it. (I think I still have it. So, uh, sorry, Grace.) Needless (which is needles with an extra s, I've now discovered) to say, I was also quite taken with the book. It was long, had some good suspense, and Edward was, well, perfect.

The characters are all a bit bland, the plotline not intricate, the writing pretty terrible, but it was long and lacked those chick-lit qualities that the world is so taken with nowadays.

I am a Twilight fan. And it's easy to be a fan of something when there are so many others that like it. So many willing to discuss it with you. Like I said, Twilight is a victim of circumstance. The hundreds of thousands of millions like me, still getting over Fred's death (ha ha, we all know THAT'S not true), closure that Ron and Hermione ended up together - we banded together and focused our obsessive qualities on this new book.

The series is not good. If not for Harry Potter, I sincerely doubt that it would have even half the fans that it does. But, unfortunately for literature in general, here it is, troubling us with its presence. It may not be even remotely as popular as Harry Potter is (or shall I say "was"?), but it did help with the grieving process.

I've now found Harry Potter again. It is not written TERRIFICALLY, as this was her first novel and it was aimed at children. The plotlines are much richer and more intricate that Meyer's ever could be. Characters introduced with one sentence in the first book reappeared in the seventh - it's like a Charles Dickens novel! (Not that I am, at all, comparing Mrs. Rowling with Mr. Dickens. It just so happens that my Dickens theories are similar to the writing techniques of Rowling.) If you're reading this, seriously, um, wow. Harry Potter is, quite literally, my childhood. As I grew up, so did Harry. Harry made me angry and sad and excited, Ron and Hermione made me squeal and cry and squeal and cry, Fred and George made me laugh, the Weasleys made me wish for a big family, Voldemort helped me determine what the truth behind "good" and "evil" was, and the whole Harry Potter universe made me pine for a world where magic existed.

I've gone off on several tangents here. I think it's time I end this. So bye.
I really don't understand how Edward can be considered the 'perfect' man. My perfect man makes me feel safe and warm and makes me laugh. He is a pillar of strength for me to relay on. His weaknesses are my strengths, and his strengths my weaknesses. He makes me breakfast in bed and plays video games with me. He also cleans my toilet. He doesn't tell me what to do or how to spend my time. He understands that I have friends that he may not like, but he trusts me to make my own judgements on people and to learn from my mistakes.

Is Edward all these things? Just because someone is beautiful it does not make them perfect.


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