Twilight-- am i the only one who doesnt like??

I just really think that the plots are not well thaught out and that Meyer simply just cant write ( has anyone else notised that she tries to use big word but they dont end up making any sence( its actually rather funny)
I know that ill probably get like hazed for saying this but does any one agree?

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Ok i'm not one to bash rereading but 117 times for a not-exactly-amazing books? That's a little bit sick.
I would kill myself if I had to read it that many times. Srsly.
yeah i mean i just think that it wasnt worth it
Personally I'm a huge re-reader. Because I read very fast, I tend to devour books as soon I get my hot little hands on them. The second or third read through is almost always better, and I get a lot more out of a book that way. That said, I have never read an entire book more than... 5 times? I think? Though there are certain parts of books that are like favorite songs, and when I'm in a certain mood I'll open up the book and read those chapters.

Haven't read Twilight at all, so I can't really state an opinion on that part...
omg, i'm the biggest libba bray fan i know (woke up at 5 am and drove 3 hours to see her speak) and i've read those books 4 times AT THE MOST.

i think my brain would rot if i read anything that many times without at least 6-12 months in between reads.
That is true. I really liked the series and can't wait for the movie, but come on, expand your horizons.
i haven't read twilight(read the jacket and a few pages in a book store and just didn't feel it). but my brother and his girlfriend read it and said it was quite possibly one of the stupidest books they'd ever read for all the reasons stated above.
I totally agree. I actually heard about twilight on a Harry Potter podcast. That's what made me want to read it. But I was really disapointed! IT IS NOW WHERE AS GOOD as Harry Potter in any way!
I think the comparison to HP is in the popularity, not the content. Like HP these books have crossed over into adult popularity. For people from the HP generation this may not seem like much, but it really is quite a feat. I agree that the book really have NOTHING in common except for their mass appeal.
"just leave it alone and don't say bad things 'cause I know some really hardcore fans that would not be as understanding as me"

Sounds like the mob...

...just an observation.
Hahahaha! XD
Made my day.
let me get this straight. you can praise something, but if someone starts stating their own opinion that they think its mediocre, they're open for being attacked? excuse me, but that's bullshit.

this is like school superlatives, where the most artistic kid doesn't get voted most artistic simply because the other person has more friends on their side. you want a vampire story with romance? read dracula! i read it in 7th grade and it blew my mind.

god, i get the same shit from eragon fans who think paolini's the best damn writer in the world. reading his book was PAINFUL!!! i didn't read twilight cuz i pre-read a few pages in a book store and it had the same effect. vampires that sparkle?!?! are you kidding me????? that's no vampire; that's just some bishonen guy afraid of getting his perfect pale skin tanned and damaged by UV rays.


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