Have you ever heard someone make a comment that was just stupid? it could be stupid because of the situation(like you were talking about what a word means for 10 minutes, then the person asked what it meant again(and they actually mean it, they really don't know)) or ignorant (like when someone in my class made a comment about how it was random that the Iraqis don't like the US!sorry to bring politics into it...)
So yeah... stupidest comment you've ever heard.

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You know what's amazing? Nutella crepes. I don't think i've eaten a better breakfast ever. Nutella waffles are awesome too though
OMG YES!! My grandmother make crepes, the best I've evr eaten, and I love putting nutella on them.
TT>TT my mom banned nuttella.............
Ah! I hate the animal cracker question too! And "What do you eat?" I usually reply "uhh...everything but meat,dairy,eggs, and onions" (I'm a vegan and I hate onions). Do people honestly think that everything they eat contains meat? wtf??
yeah i don't eat red meat (so i DO eat chicken, fish and turkey)
and people are all like Why aren't you eating pork? It's red meat. arrgh it really pisses me off.
i dun think so.
personally, i am not a vegetarian, but i will never eat a single maple leaf product
they don't think that......they know that alot of things contain dairy....and it could be hard to get all ur vitamins without blowing a wad on soy meat, milk, and cheese substitutes. i'm going vegeterian as soon as i'm living on my own...i give myself another 2 years. i'm mostly vegeterian except at dinner, when it would be, in my parents eyes, sacrilige (sp?) if i didn't eat all my food.
Onions: The other white meat.

Sorry, I had to...
do u eat bread? if so you are killing several thousand creatures with every bite. just saying...

(dont flame me its a joke)
"yeah, you're a veggie, right? So you're allowed turkey, right?"
*Gigglesnort* That's so stupid it's funny.
That reminds me of another studid question I've been asked about my vegetatianism. When my roommate found out I was a vegetarian she asked me if I could eat turkey burgers. I said No, Turkey is meat. Come on people!


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