Have you ever heard someone make a comment that was just stupid? it could be stupid because of the situation(like you were talking about what a word means for 10 minutes, then the person asked what it meant again(and they actually mean it, they really don't know)) or ignorant (like when someone in my class made a comment about how it was random that the Iraqis don't like the US!sorry to bring politics into it...)
So yeah... stupidest comment you've ever heard.

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*awkward turtle*
I was helping a customer at work today, and when he went to spell his last name out for me..this happened.

"P, O, R, T, E, R"...(as if just saying 'Porter' wouldn't be easy enough...but it gets better)
But as he spelled that out for me, I heard the letter T instead of the P, which made the name Torter.
He tried to correct me by saying "No no nononono....P...P as in....uh.....Dick!"

Apparently, the only word starting with the letter P that came to mind was Penis, and so he censored himself by saying Dick. We had a good laugh, for about 20 seconds, then straightened everything out.
' John Green, who's that?? '
or my personal favourite
' Isn't Miami just another part of Cuba? '

Not everyone on the planet knows who John Green is, that's not a stupid thing to say, unless it was a long time nerd fighter who said it.


What an idiot. But it's always fun to laugh at their idiocy.
So this girl is saying she doesn't understand what understanding is? Wow.
Oh, I have a good one, " I couldn't find the baking powder, it must be European."
"I'd like to see Fantastic 4, but I haven't seen the first 3"

I actually said that once. :D But I quickly realized my mistake.
Hahahahahaha. That amuses me ALOT. =D
There used to be a girl at my table in my art class; she's really crabby and mean.
There is another girl in my art class who is one of those reeeaaaly stupid girls, and she's always asking the people around her stuff like "How do you make orange?". Every time she says something like that loud enough the other girl says things like "Red and yellow dumbass" under her breath.
A girl asked my friend how to make green the other day. She was so excited when my friend told her that she left, posted "OMG! Yellow and blue DO make green!" on my friend's Facebook wall, then came back.
Last year (year seven), we were in English and our teacher was going on about vowels. One of the kids stuck his hand up...

Mrs. L: "Yes, Thomas?"
Thomas: "Um, what's a vowel?"

Yes, a year seven child said this.



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