Have you ever heard someone make a comment that was just stupid? it could be stupid because of the situation(like you were talking about what a word means for 10 minutes, then the person asked what it meant again(and they actually mean it, they really don't know)) or ignorant (like when someone in my class made a comment about how it was random that the Iraqis don't like the US!sorry to bring politics into it...)
So yeah... stupidest comment you've ever heard.

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I actually said that once. :D But I quickly realized my mistake.
Hahahahahaha. That amuses me ALOT. =D
There used to be a girl at my table in my art class; she's really crabby and mean.
There is another girl in my art class who is one of those reeeaaaly stupid girls, and she's always asking the people around her stuff like "How do you make orange?". Every time she says something like that loud enough the other girl says things like "Red and yellow dumbass" under her breath.
A girl asked my friend how to make green the other day. She was so excited when my friend told her that she left, posted "OMG! Yellow and blue DO make green!" on my friend's Facebook wall, then came back.
Last year (year seven), we were in English and our teacher was going on about vowels. One of the kids stuck his hand up...

Mrs. L: "Yes, Thomas?"
Thomas: "Um, what's a vowel?"

Yes, a year seven child said this.

*in English class watching Julius Caesar, it is paused*
Student: That lady looks like a cartoon character.
Blonde student: Maybe if we press play she'll become real.
That sounds smart and funny to me...
I girl at my school once asked the teacher, "How do you spell DVD?"

xD I was thinking, "Dude! You're spelling it as you say it."
At school recently, I was sitting at my table talking to friends. We were talking about who was going to the Easter Show and when.

Me: "I asked my dad if we could go tomorrow, and he was like, 'No.' And I was like, 'Oh... okay.'"
Miro: "*laughs* 'And I was like, 'Oh... okay.' What a fantastic climax to the story, Caitlin."

Needless to say, I felt stupid. I felt even more stupid after dropping chocolate on Miro's foot during break. Cency thought it was funny.
Haha, my friends and I would call that a Ryan Story after one of our old friends who used to come out with some random and pointless stuff. The most memorable one was

'I was ironing on the floor in my living room when my mum walked in and asked what I was doing and I said "I'm ironing" '
Directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp as Ryan and Helena Bonham Carter as the mum?
I was in my history class, and we were watching the Dr. Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream" speech. The camera was panning around the lincoln memorial, and had finished showing the statue of Lincoln, when a girl asked:

"Are they at the white house?"



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