OK everyone has a nickname whether they like it or not. So what's your nickname and how did you get it? Do you like it?

Mine is purple I got it when I dyed my hair black with lots of purple highlights when my friends saw they just started calling me purple. I like it cause purple is one of my favorite colors XP. But the color faded or a while ago so now I just have blonde highlights :( I miss them T_T

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Julia Gulia. Stupid Wedding Singer.

But on the internet my nickname is Chip because my original email address was So now I'm just Chip :D
Heh, my roommate gets called Julia Gulia all the time.
Banana -

say my name ten times fast and you'll see why. :P

Also variations on Brynnie, Bran Muffin, etc.
Pudding Girl...because in kindergarden i really I was playing candy land at recess and I said I wanted an ocean of chocolate

and Wiggy because some kid thinks i wear a wig...

and Ash...because its short for Ashlyn
I am Prongsie. And since I have faith that everyone at the .ning has read Harry Potter, I'm sure you know why.
That is an Awesome nickname!
Sturcks , it's part of my last name, but I decided to give my friend from art class a nickname, just because she seemed like someone who would never get one. So she's the Loch ness monster. So I call her Nessy. =D a lot of the guys at school call me Patty cakes, and a few call me peppermint patty, But my I prefer to be called Tricia.
Me and my one friend come up with tons of random nicknames or eachother for no reason. Some of mine are Bootz Q, Katherine, and Butter3000. Her's were things like Horsefly 9207 and Renee... None of them have any relevance to my name which is Carla ^.^
Goobie Cat
I guess it's because my name's cathy.
Elle. Sometimes Ro.
Wow. Elle is a great nickname for Rachel. You're lucky, I mostly just get called Ray.
My name's rachel and i get called achie. In fact, a lot of people don't know my name is Rachel cause i met quite a few people after i got the nickname and got introduced by it xD


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