State three clichés about where you live and see if people can guess where you are from. I think it would be fun to see all the cultural misconceptions out there. :p
Heres mine:
I live in an igloo.
I catch fish for a living.
I club seals.

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I have experienced French traffic...

next is me :) 

i eat a lot of cheese

i walk on wooden shoes

i am a farmer

Hello! I believe I've found a fellow Dutchman!

Probably, yes, fellow Dutchman. :)

Baaahaahaa, oh this is a fun thread. Ummm...

L'see now...The only things to do here are: eat barbecue, listen to jazz, look at fountains.

Also, most people assume I live in the state of Kansas, I do not.

1, I tawk leik thees. (That's what the accent kind of sounds like when typed... I suppose)

2. I honk my car incessantly.

3. When walking the streets, do not look at each other, do not speak with each other.

New York?

I punctuate every sentence with "lah", "lor", "leh" "sia", "hor".

I am obsessed with durians and orang utans.

It is hot here ALL THE TIME.

I think this is obvious enough! :)

Osamaland? ;P

Nah I'm kidding... Egypt?


Sorry i took so long :(

I Always say y'all and ain't
I love BBQ
All u do all day is work on a farm in my cowboy boots

So, I drink lots of beer apparently, I can't pronounce "th" and the only thing I eat are pretzels.


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