State three clichés about where you live and see if people can guess where you are from. I think it would be fun to see all the cultural misconceptions out there. :p
Heres mine:
I live in an igloo.
I catch fish for a living.
I club seals.

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Ahh of course, must be Boston right?

yup. :D gotta love my town.

The legal clue didn't really sink in at first ;)

Whether it's Alexander Rybak or Dimmu Borgir, I listen to music that would make you wish you were dead!

I am World Champion of Peace and Prosperity!

I tell jokes with the same charisma as an Elcor in Mass Effect...


My mother-tongue is neither English nor French, although I speak English very well, my accent will unintentionally put you to sleep before I get to finish the question: "How much does X cost in your country?"


Stemmer det, du leste navnet mitt du gjorde du ikke? Lille jukseper ; p Men hysj ikke si noen ting :)

canada, newfoundland? is that where you live? or is it alaska?

Are you asking me or everyone unguessed in general? If you're asking me then I might say it's about the same latitude, but slightly to the East :)

Were not a state, we all have radiation poisoning, were all Mexicans


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