I've played this game in discussion boards and on long car trips before and it a lot of fun!
For those of you that don't know how to play I will list 3 people and the next person will say which one they would kiss, which one they would kill, and which one they would have sex with.
It gets really fun when you pick 3 awesome(or really bad people) people b/c then you have a really hard time choosing. And you can't repeat! One action per person! You can leave your reasoning if it makes you feel better. Then leave a new list for the next person and so on Have fun!
Here's the first group: Tyra Banks, Oprah, Jay Leno

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This one is harsh!
Because I wouldn't choose a man to have sex with so I'd go with Queen Isabella.
But then there's Da Vinci and Freud left and I'd have to kill one of them
and I can't choose cos they're both made of awesome!
But they're both dead so does it matter which one I kill?
I mean will it make any difference?
I'd say no.
So I'll re-kill Da Vinci and kiss Sigmund Freud on the cheek cos he is the one with the least facial hair.

Alexey Pajitnov (the inventor of Tetris)
Alaska (From Looking for Alaska)
The Yeti (from Brotherhood 2.0)
This one's easy.

I'd kiss the Yeti . . . because I don't want to be hunted down and killed by John Green.
I'd kill Pajitnov . . . for obvious reasons.
And I'd have sex with Alaska . . . because sex with fictional characters would be fictional and therefore without real consequence.
I'm very, very sorry.. but I'd kill alaska:(
I'd kiss the yeti
and I'd totally do alexey pajitnov
I can't think of anything looking better on my resume than: I did the inventor of tetris
(I don't know.. does that make me weird?)
Nobody wants to put up three more people so I will!

John, Hank, the Yeti
That's easy. Kill Orlando Bloom, do John (I assume it's John Green?) aaaand kiss Harry Potter.

Sarah Palin
Hilary Clinton
Paris Hilton
Kiss Sarah, kill Hilary, sex Paris

Walt Disney
Jane Goodall
George Bush
Kiss Jane Goodall, Kill George Bush, and have sex with Walt Disney.

What? Necrophilia, anyone? No... (Gawd, I hope people hope I'm joking.)

Nick Jonas
Mickey Mouse
Angela Pertrelli
Definitley kill Nick Jonas
This is tough but I'd rather do Mickey Mouse than Angela Petrelli so...
Kiss Angela Petrilli (on the cheek)
Do Mickey Mouse (I feel so creepy right now, I mean honestly, a cartoon mouse? *shivers*)

Blaise Zabini
Mike Newton
Mahatma Gandhi
kill nick jonas, kiss angela pertelli (i dont know who she is...) and have sex with mickey mouse.

these may have been said, but for all you office fans out there:


or, if you don't watch the office:

pete wentz
maureen johnson
Kill Pete Wentz, bang Maureen Johnson and KISS MYSELF.


But seriously, though. Pete Wentz is so irrelevant now no one would care.
Kill Pete Wentz

Kiss Maureen Johnson (she's hot, but...)

Do myself. :DDDDDDDDDD

Flava Flav
Jackie Chan
Dr. Phil
Kill Dr. Phil, Kiss Flava Flav (In a polite I don't really like you way) and marry Jackie Chan.


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