hello :D i think it would be awesome if nerdfighter's could talk to each other, so I'm gonna write down my screen name on different places and the next person do the same thing if you want to. you don't hafto add any one butt it would be nice if you did

so ill start
skype- swe_ahl
Aim- sweahl

(i made this in a hurry so it's not that though through)

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Skype - kyle.forbes002
Aim - kyleracekid12
msn -
AIM: Inukage315
so im new...and i dont know who to talk to, and totally new to skpe, its downloading now....

so add me, and tell me about yourself?

aim: DeathbyTeacup21
msn: itswaharentyouhappy?
skype: angeleyes1031 (but i dont have a mic yet)
y do you have both gmail and hotmail?
AIM: agent dessler
I only have MSN
When you add me just type NERDFIGHTER
aim - aeroluver20

(i was in fifth grade, and i like aeropostale, and luv was the 'word' to type...stupid me...)

yahoo -
okay, i made a quiz, and some nerdfighter took it (who remained nameless) and I assumed they got my screename from you reveal yourself? i want to talk to you!

skype: laurendftba (i just got it)
Brilliant screenname! Fan of uglies, I'm guessing? :)
Name: Hannah (and that's all you get)
aim: damnthetypos
haha "damnthetypos"


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