Who Pwns Who?

do not bring attractiveness into it, if their was a fight between them, who would emerge victorious?

EDIT:Ok, some people have asked about some rules about the reality, and surcumstances in which this battle takes place. so, I'm gonna give some that I hope will not give one an unfair advantage over the other. I have not read twilight (Yet,) but I have taken some information of Edward Cullen from Wikipedia and my cousin.

1. the universe is a cross between the Harry potter Universe, the Twilight Universe, and the Real World

2. this is a friendly duel. not a battle to the death. whoever can get the other into submission first wins.

3. the duel is between Harry several years after deathly hallows and edward from the first twilight book.

4. Harry Has the Firebolt and Edward has his super speed, (I think it's a pretty even match. I think it would be difficult for edward to outrun the fastest broom in the world.)

5. Stephanie Meyer Said that Edward Can't Read Bella's Mind because she has a Very Private mind. Since Harry has already had his mind attacked by voldemort, and successfully Sealed his mind after Dobby's death, Harry's thoughts should be safe and secure, or at least... it will take some work to get in there.

6. Edward Cullen has Super stregnth, and harry Obviously has magic. Let's just say for the sake of Argument that Edward is not completely Immune to Harry's spells.

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Harry would win because if Edward is not immune to his magic and Harry can perform occlumency against Edward, then there is no way Edward would win. Plus, Harry is just infinitely more cool. =)
Ok, lets be serious here.
Two words. 'Avada' Kedevra'?
I'm not sure if that works on the already dead.
But Edward could dodge it. That's why Harry would have to chase Edward down, yell "Immobulus" and then finally say "Avada Kedavra".
Wait! Does Wardo have his sparkle!powers! cause ya know, that's some pretty powerful stuff!

Kay... not really. But the fact that Edward sparkles never ceases to amuse me.

But personally, I think Harry would win. I think he is much more used to actual battles where you have to use your mind not just your strength. Edward seems to fight more with how strong he is. He's often very emotional and I think Harry would better be able to win the fight.
If you asked me which one I liked better, I'd without a doubt say Harry since he has way fewer of the traits I think no human being should ever have, but in a fight, I think Cullen would ruin him.

once he get's knocked off his broom, it's over.

If it were Hermoine vs Edward I think it would be a much different story.

Although I think a submission fight instead of a battle to the death would put Harry at an advantage because he has more non-lethal weapons at his disposal.

now that I think about it, proper use of the invisibility cloak could allow Harry to ninja the crap out of Edward.

Does Edward Cullen get to be Cedric Diggory too? because I think their combined forces/hordes of fangirls could cause a full sweep of harry without his cold, marble-like skin breaking into a sparkly sweat.

Harry would probably never result to the stealth trickery of the invisibility cloak in a fight though (I think, I haven't read all of all the books yet) so that moves Edward into a pretty huge advantage.

But then there's the fact that Harry is the hero of his story, and in all non-tragic stories which is the majority of books and movies, the hero is at a clear disadvantage to the villain, which Edward certainly would be--being both, vampire and douche--yet somehow pulls through against all odds even if it means Deux Ex Machina.

My assessment of the battle: What starts out as a friendly sparring match quickly goes awry when Harry uses his sectumsempra spell without actually knowing what it does beforehand and Edward Diggory declares mortal kcombat, jumps and knocks Harry off his broom which goes speeding into a nearby bridge (that was totally not in the books but they added it to the movies anyway) and explodes. "What the bollox or whatever we Brits say," Harry angrily inquired. Edric's only reply was, "buy another one you rich m***** f*****". This of course enraged Harry further because clearly, it's not the money, but the principle so he starts screaming all sorts of latin words from the tip of his wand but Edward is too fast for him. Harry attempts a patronus, but it ends horribly since it's a deer and Eggory eats deer ALL THE TIME. Ed uses bite, it's super effective and Harry has to make it return before it faints. Harry uses a levitate spell to drop a van on him, but vans are his specialty. He simply knocks it to the side and shouts, "I've been stopping vans since their invention in 1923!" (no I don't actually know when vans were invented but that's beside the point) he looks around, but all he sees is the end of Harry Potter's scarf ducking into the labyrinth.

Edward Iggory quickly catches up with his super speed only to realize its a trap, there at the entrance of the maze are Harry's clothes blowing in the wind. There's no turning back, once you enter the maze you can't get out until you reach the center. At that moment he knew only only one of them would make it out alive. Good thing he was already dead. "Expelliarmus!" A spell shoots out of the foliage and knocks out Edwards dead Hufflepuffian alter ego. He did this never expevting the literal wave of 12-to-34-year-old fangirls to rise over the horizon ready to ingulf him. He has no choice but to jump on a horse and ride naked as fast as he can toward the center of the maze. As he rides, the autonomous plants take out the millions of poor muggle girls one-by-one, keeping Harry safe. What Harry doesn't know is that the immortal Edward Cullen remains and has left Diggory behind, dodging vines and heading for the center.

Out of the bushes jumps the brooding vampire knocking Harry off his equestrian comrade. He pins the young wizard to the ground ready to rip out some jugular. "You're faster than the others, but not stronger," Harry says hoping to buy time. "I'm strong enough to kill you," was Edward's response as he prepared his killing blow. Harry, anticipating death, turns his head away from his attacker only to see the sorting hat just in reach. He grabs the hat and finds a pillow. Just then Harry knew exactly what to do, "Pillow fight!" he swings the pillow toward Edward's face and Edward, being unable to help himself, tears the pillow to shreds in seconds, down feathers flying everywhere and suddenly, one phoenix feather. Fawkes flies to gouge Edward's eyes, but to his surprise they're immortal, hard, marble-like and completely unappetizing and Edward is able to fight the bird off without losing his vision. Fawkes, being disappointed and still hungry for ocular treats goes to blind Harry's horse. Harry, once again, escapes from the distracted Cullen.

But that spoony bard is too fast for him. Like a flash he's in front of Harry, who would have peed his pants if he was wearing them. Edward swiftly knocks the wand out of Harry's hand and socks him in the face knocking him to the ground.

"I'm going to enjoy watching you die, Mr. Anderson..."

Just then Gandalf comes out of nowhere on the back of a giant eagle after being gone for-like-ever, kills Edward, does away with the maze and rides off into the sunset. The End.
You....... are my new best friend..
I think Harry would win.
1. Harry can fly higher than Edward can possibly jump.
2. If Harry used Wingardium Leviosa, Edward couldn't run. He'd just float there. Remember, no light or power is shown from this spell, so there's not dodging what he can't see.
3. Harry can set things on fire. Either Edward runs or eventually gets set on fire with everything else.
Hm. Well I think no matter which way it went, it would be a long fight. I think Harry would ultimately win because of the broom factor. Harry can just stay up in the sky, high enough so that Edward can't jump to him, and just shoot at Edward till he gets him, right? But maybe that's just my logic? heh. >./body>
Harry, as mentioned before, has his broom to keep him out of Edwards grip.

Besides, Harry defeated the Dark Lord, and Edward was going to commit suicide by sparkling in public. Looking at the badassery comparisions, Harry pwns big-time.
I don't think Edward's brute strength can match up to Stupefy. All harry has to do is hit him once and bam! Submission attained. Of course it may be hard to hit fast-moving edward, but if Harry has his Firebolt, he'll be able to dodge anything Edward throws at him. Whereas Edward has to do some wrestling and manuevering to get Harry subdued and even then if he freaks Harry out enough Harry may just explode. Remember, when under stress wizards can spontaneously do magic they never would have dreamed of. That's mostly common in children who haven't been trained yet, but in the 7th book, Mrs. Weasley makes it clear that the phenomenon can occur in adults.
if harry was on his firebolt and still able to cast a spell in my opinion edward would be screwed. also if edward cant read his mind it can be useful and you never said harry didnt have his invisability cloak on!!!!!!!!!!!!


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