the mind of gamers facinates me because the games become so adicting and you refrence them all the time and in a way i think that if i let myself play these types of games( world of warcraft, myst, pretty much any video game where skill is involved and you have to try and reach a goal) i would become toatlly addicted
so i was wondering any thaughts??
also what are your favorite games and why?

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I LOVE Harvest Moon!
Great game!
Katamari Rocks!
ugghh thatgame is so boring. I like gears of war2
Oi... I reference games in my everyday interactions with others... It simply happens.

A few games that are my favorites? - as in I could play these for the rest of my life
Soul Calbibur II
Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Windwaker
X-Men Legends II
Super Smash Brothers Melee, Brawl
Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy (Sunshine actually wasn't the BEST though)

I really only like Gamecube, N64, and Wii systems...
I don't play online games like World of Warcraft, as I just never really got into them.
twilight princess is a aawesome game LOL
I'm more of a RPG fan then anything else. Strategy FTW! XD I've recently become completely addicted to Persona 3. It's a very strange, very Japanese traditional turn based RPG and is by far one of the best games to be released on the PS2. The core of the game is the Social Link system. During the day you are a regular high school student interacting with your classmates and the people in your community. The relationships you develop with people create "Social Links." The stronger your Social Link with a person is, the stronger the "Personas" you create become. It's a very interesting hybrid of RPG and... well... dating sim i guess? Lol it sounds weird but it is truly addicting. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys either anime and/or a good RPG.
I honestly don't think that RPG games require strategy. Especially games like Final Fantasy 7. All that you have to do is battle more enemies and beat them to level up so that you can beat the next enemy. It doesn't require any growth in skill, at all. Have you tried beating Sephiroth at level 99? It's ridiculously easy.
Have you tried beating Sephiroth at level 99? It's ridiculously easy.

It's incredibly easy in the mid 70's too. Cloud with Ultima Weapon and 4x cut doing 40K damage a turn and he's down in 5 minutes.
I love rpg games, too bad the only good ones were the old FF, if anyone good newer ones come out ill probably get them...

Starcraft is by far the greatest game ive ever played, alright I take that back..FF7..but still, when starcraft 2 comes out next october, I will literally fail every one of my classes and play this game for like 60 hours straight.

As for now, I got my 360, an internet connection and halo3...z-o-m-g..cant even handle how much fun that game is and how long you can play it without getting bored..

I wish I did play more games than, well rockband and halo3...but I dont really, I wanna get a good rpg game and a good rts game...
if you want good rpg's try either fallout or dragonage (pretty much anything by bioware), sadly i can't think of any stellar jrpg's that have come ou as of late.
you sound like that kinda person that would want to play
on the PC
its perfect for the Weekend warrior or people that don't wanna have to grind
there is an end game, but not really, like there is a main quest chain that most people follow and can finish, but even if you finish that you have TONS of other quests to do, the lvl cap right now is 60 (recently updated with expansion) and honestly i find it tons of fun, and not too addicting, and im a highschool student to, so if i don't find it that addicting (and im a tolkienite) then you can probably tear yourself away love it, the umm whats the word im looking for, general people? on aveage are much more mature then the WoW community <--THATS THE WORD! so that probably doesn't answer your question at all, but thats ok :D
Tomb Raider
HalfLife 2
Resident Evil
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy 7

All made of win in their own way, in my opinion :)


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