if you have a four leaf clover and it breaks does the luck go away?

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i'm not sure. i've never had a four leaf clover. you could try. but i don't sudjest it.
The question itself if frought with issues. Firstly, ORIGINAL clovers are naturally possessed of only three leaves. Therefore, finding a four-leaf clover was extremely rare (it would have to be a mutation) and therefore lucky. But now-a-days four leaf clovers have been genetically engineered, so you can go to any garden centre a by a packet of "Four leaf clover" leaves, which I think traditionally defeats the purpose behind its magic. I think if you where to find one in the wild, and you where to remove one of its leaves, this would be unlucky. But the storebought variety holds no magic in my eyes.
yeah i agree, the reason why i ask is that my dad has a four leaf clover that he found in the wild and one of its leafs broke off...
4 leaf clovers are the nerds among regular ones
I hope not! I've had a 3.5 leaf clover taped to the front of my sketchbook all year! it had four at one point, i guess, but it broke.

I haven't had any especially bad luck, though, so I'd say no.
lol thanks!
I had a four leaf clover!
I used to keep it in this little white box with cotton wool...

Then one day, I went out to show it off and was twirling it between my thumb and forefinger...

...and a leaf fell off.
(Damn karma)

But, I don't suppose any bad luck came from it?
lol thats good!


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