So, I am a Girl Scout and all the other Girl Scouts I know are made of a whole lot of awesome, so I was wondering if there are any here on the Ning.
Girl Scouts it like my "thing". I work at a Girl Scout camp in the summer and I'm planning on becoming a lifelong member when I graduate and becoming the leader of my little (awesome) sister's troop.
Once I find out how many of y'all there are, I'll think of something jokes we can all do together...maybe with like vid of us singing camp songs or something...I dunno, leave ideas if you have any...

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Girl Scouts FTW
Oh my, I was a girl scout for 13 years! Kindergarten through senior year of high school. My troop was definitely made of awesome. We were cooks for 4 or 5 years at a camp in the spring and I went to summer camp every year since first grade. I've fallen out of it since coming to college but once I get more time I can't wait to start a troop wherever I find myself. I've done more things than I can count with girl was definitely my "thing" too :)

And camp songs are always amazing!
I am a Nerdfighting Girl Scout!
People think its sort of weird that I'm in high school and still a GS, but It's pretty awesome. And we're working on our Gold Award right now, so its even more awesome.

Peace Out, Girl Scout XD
I am a scout for 14 years now! I was a leader of the best cup scout group for 5 years and still do some administrating stuff...
we have mixed groups, boys and girls together and its so cool! so we all come to do the cool stuff
i worked at a girl scout camp a couple of summers ago...
i still work father daughter weekends and such.

so much fun!
I was a girl scout! I miss it, I wish I stuck around to be made a cadet!
I was a girl scout from age 5 up until I was 12 and entering middle school. I guess the reason I quit was because my troop had gotton a new leader and it just wasn't as fun anymore the way she was running it. I did have fun while I was in it and I'm trying to get back involved with it at my college campus.
I just bridged to Ambassador, and I'm an assitant leader to a Daisy troop this year since I've completed LIT. I've also been a CIT for two years now. I donate about 20 hours per months to random PA events and what not. Most of my best friends I've met through Girl Scouts. Trust me, I've got some great stories and I know about a million girl scout songs. DFBA scouts!!


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