So lets play the question game,
i'll start with a question then every reply after that must be a question somehow flowing with the question asked before, though you can change subject, a conversation(only filled with questions or not) is boring without change of subject ready set and GO!

hey, hows it going?

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is that really so important to know?
When are we going to change the subject from importance to rugs?
when do you want to change the subject?
Wouldn't it be great if it was soon?
What else is there to talk about?
Do you want to talk about seafood?
what is the best type of see food
what if im blind?
what if my taste buds are inactive.
did you lose when you saw the title??
Why does everyone capitalize badly?
What else isn't there to talk about? Is there not an entire world out there waiting to be talked about?


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