It think the girls channel has been hacked!
I'm being serious, all but one video of theirs have been deleted and a new video with a picture saying 'Sorry girls, it had to end sometime' has been uploaded. The channel descrip says it's 'Toby'
Either this is serious and we Nerdfighters should do something, or it's a terrible joke.
In some ways I hope it is a joke because I don't want all the 5AG video's deleted!

EDIT: Hayley (Thursday) has confirmed that YT are fixing the problem and the channel will be back up on Monday! Yay!

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grrr let's see if lauren uploads her vid on her personal site also... cn't believe the nerve of some ppl i mean seriously....SERIOUSLY...he must be slaughtered...stopped XD lool
She did, and it's AMAZING.
Ok the fiveawesomegirls channel is back and running, but the stuff toby put on the page is still there (the banner and channel info and the like)

thats the guys that hacked the fiveawesomegirls

for some reason, it seems like he disregarded kristina's video about there being no competition between the fiveaweseomgirls and fiveawesomeguys because it seems like he did it cause he's a guys fan.

*gasp* no!! this can't be happening! they got the channel back i think. yay. hopefully they will start makeing videos again. we miss you 5AG!
I've just been on the girls channel and it all seems to be back up and running, with a new video for today (including some of the visit to John's house). yey! :)
and to be honest, however idiotically annoying this Toby guy has been in hacking the girls channel, i think the worst thing we could do would be to check out his channel and plague him with messages etc, i'm guessing that's exactly what he wants, the attention of it all, that's probably why he hacked them in the first place. we should contact the youtube authorities (however we do that . . . ) and see if we can get them to shut down this other channel of his.
I totally agree. that's what came to mind when I found his profile. He was snobbish enough to go back to the fiveawesomegirls channel and write about how they haven't changed their banner back and how they lost subscribers.


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