Who is the character in Harry Potter who is made of the most awesome?

Which character in Harry Potter do you think has the largest percent of awesome in them? Personally, I think it's Luna Lovegood :)

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Fred and George.
They count as one, right? =]
Either that, or they have the exact same amount of awesomeness. It's a twin thing :P
I don't know, I thought Fred and George were distinct from each other, albeit in ways that are tiny/subtle/unintentional?/looked-over most of the time.
I'm more of a Fred girl, myself.
I second that.
I agree their really funny.
Fred and George are the heart and soul of that book lol. Nice choice ;D
Luna is definately one of the most awesome characters...I am also a fan of the twins and Lee Jordan though
Lee Jordan FTW! LJ plus the twins = the trifect of awesomeness...
Gred and Forge or Luna are good ones, but what about dobby :O
I love Dobby! I don't know how I could forget him (um...especially since my email is dobbyrocksmysocks xD What a memory I have...)
Luna lovegood is awesome but not the awesomest think about it there is only one true awesome person and we all know who tht is dont we ... its not harry ... but ... the only ... tom marvolo riddle ... aka ... lord voldemort
Minevra Mcgonagall is made of alot of awesome!


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