Who is the character in Harry Potter who is made of the most awesome?

Which character in Harry Potter do you think has the largest percent of awesome in them? Personally, I think it's Luna Lovegood :)

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xD that's fantastic.
That made me laugh. And smile. And be a little sad all at once.

i like neville, fred and george <3

viktor krum and cedric diggory are also favorites of mine, though.

ohhh, i forgot sirius! sirius is pretty kickass, too  :x
Luna has the most awesome. But The Marauders(excluding the git-I mean, the rat) and the Weasleys are epic too.

Bellatrix has lots of psycho-evil coolness, though.
Luna lovegood of course there is no one else in the series like her. She is smart and helpful in her own little way


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