Hey Nerdfighters...
Tell me a book! I'll read the first book posted here (if I haven't already read it) over the next couple of weeks. I'mjust looking for somethin' good.

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the shannara series startubf with the sword of shannara by terry brooks is very good.
omg, I totally agree. Also, Running with the Demon-the word and the void stuff by terry is fantastic. His was the first "grown up" sci-fi/fantasy I read, and I re-read them all the time!
The Tracey Fragments. It might only take you two days, but its the best book targeted toward teenagers I've ever read (besides john green) and not enough people know about it.
Two nonfiction I've recently enjoyed - In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, but if you haven't yet read The Omnivore's Dilemma first and Born to Run Christopher McDougall - lots of story, reads like a novel. Enjoy!
Pendragon series.

It's nothing you're used to, though, so you'll probably just disregard this message.
i would read "Know-it-all" by A.J. Jacobs.
what about ..... Percy Jackson and the Olympians.. its got 5 books to it,the 1st is called the Lightning Thief. its got greek mythology with action, and adventure :) they are a bit juvenille but i think you'd enjoy them otherwise :)


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