Hey Nerdfighters...
Tell me a book! I'll read the first book posted here (if I haven't already read it) over the next couple of weeks. I'mjust looking for somethin' good.

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I reccomend Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks. Even though it's written for teens, it's a very well-written and interesting book.
The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman. Quite possibly my favorite book ever. It's a fake almanac.

You can tell from its full title alone how awesome it is: An Almanac of Complete World Knowledge Compiled with Instructive Annotation and Arranged in Useful Order by myself, John Hodgman, a Professional Writer, in the Areas of My Expertise, which Include: Matters Historical, Matters Literary, Matters Cryptozoological, Hobo Matters, Food, Drink & Cheese (a Kind of Food), Squirrels & Lobsters & Eels, Haircuts, Utopia, What Will Happen in the Future, and Most Other Subjects
I don't know if you feel like getting into a series but if you are looking for a good read try reading the Belgariad series. My personal favorite fantasy series of all time. And if you like it you can read the Mallorean as well.
Slapstick: Or Lonesome No More! by Kurt Vonnegut
Read it. You simply must.
Hank! We need more blurbing book club books!

That's why you haven't anything to read!
One I really liked was 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher.
Kind of made me think about my actions towards various people everyday.
The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordon. Its better than Harry Potter and im not kidding
Michael Frayn- Spies

(he used to go to my school. Kingston Grammar School is so jokes)
Perks of Being a Wallflower

My personal favorite book.
one of mine too :)
You should read Tweak, by Nic Sheff

It's very good, very real. A little bit graphic though.
Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs


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