I've just recently become a youtuber as my computer won't allow me to upload videos on this network. So, I was wondering if anyone else was a youtuber as I'm in desperate need of some friends on youtube XP

my youtube name thingy is charleeXD
so please don't hesitate to check out my videos or add me as a friend or comment me, now you....

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J'adore youtube

my user name is yellowsocks8
i dnt really make videos but it'd be loverly to be your friend

It's FTW. Subscribe ;) (or Totodile will find you)
Of course, silly! my username is SpaceJunkMan.
Yup my name is MATOL2008.
It's shared with my friends. There's a link on my page to get to it.
That is my Personal Channel with funny creative videos from me and my 2 besties^^
That is our Collab. Daily dose of the awesome.
would be great to have some comments :D

i'm ellotherechummy


it would be awesome if you'd drop by... haha

I just started, too... my channel is =]

I will take MrCreepyPasta's and Cry's path in molding my youtube career. :)


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