i am on a quest, right now, to meet atlanta area nerdfighters.

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I'm in Douglasville! Hahaha.
OMG, you have no idea how many times I've hoped to meet a fellow nerdfighter in ATL. :D
There doesn't appear to be very many of us....hahaha.
I noticed, lol. XD
Haha, yup. Woohoo! lol
Uhhh... I'm in Savannah...

That's only like... four hours away.
i'm in metro.
I'm in Woodstock. :)
dunwoody/sandy springs/roswell (i dont think anyone knows which town my subdivision is actually in)...
Wow I am late to join this forum. Suwanee right here baby!
Atlanta area. I live in Cobb County, but go to school downtown.

Someone should totally set up another Atlanta-area gathering.
oh hai! i live in atl! er... buckhead? something like that. i don't understand how cities and counties work because i just moved here from louisiana, but i know i'm in the atlanta area because my mailing adress is in atlanta.


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