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you start talking like a Green brother.

you tell a nerd joke and follow it up with "nerd jokes, nerd jokes, nerd jokes"
and then you laugh at your own joke.

you say "that reminds me of the time that John..."
but no one knows what you're talking about.

you break your explanations into parts.

and you sing "Accio Deathly Hallows" under your breath constantly.
you start to sing in the shower, and you've never done it before, and you only do it because it gives you more of a chance to sing hanks songs!

you memorize the words to the videos (not only the songs!)
You start singing a wrock song, then realise you have to not so subtly change words to make it cool.

Go to a movie and only you and your friend understand and laugh at the jokes. (Knocked Up and it's jokes about Howard Hughes)
you're writing an email to a friend and the only way you can think to describe something is "jokes", because "cool" or "awesome" just doesn't quite cut it. but, alas, your friend is not a nerdfighter, so you have to settle for an inferior word.
When you leave someone, you say "best wishes!" instead of "see you later"
you have to restrain yourself from saying "nerdfighters!" when something pwns because no one will get it.
You get the tingly feeling inside whenever something awesome is mentioned (it means your cells are transforming into awesome).
Your friends ask you what's up and you say, "the Ning."
When you do your happy dance at a school dance in front of your crush to make him fall in NerdFighterlike with you even though he doesn't know he's a NerdFighter. spend all your time discussing the merits of meritless literature. go in half-cocked from what a couple of random youtube guys told you, instead of doing any real research of your own on any of the issues you claim are important to you. use the word awesome five times in every sentence.

In short, you know you're a nerd fighter when... you lose your last shreds of human dignity.
Someone mentions Alaska..and even though you lived in automatically think of John's Book.
When you hear the word "bubbles" you start wishing Willie was there with you.


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