If you could marry any fictional character from any book or movie who would it be?

only one.
good luck narrowing it down.

mine is Kartik from the Gemma Doyle tril.

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Jim Frayne from Trixie Belden <3

or Fred Weasley from Harry Potter... heh heh.

OMG I thought I would be the only person on here that know's TB's books!  Jim was the hottie!
Fang (from the Maximum Ride series)
That is a brilliant series!
I am going to be weird and say Draco Malfoy...
Not weird, i totally agree!
Draco Malfoy FTW... no matter how much of an idiot canon Draco may be. :P
Severus Snape without a doubt!
Hell yes.

TV= Well it looks like the doctor has been taken several times, so I'll go with Captain Jack Harkness! (I know but a girl can dream right?)

Movies= Any character that Colin Firth has played.


Books:  Hmm that's tough because I love so many of them!  Ok pick one out of a hat, brb.......  Damn Sam Uley! ok I can be happy with that!

Thanks!  This was alot of fun!


The Graverobber from "Repo! The Genetic Opera"


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