If you could marry any fictional character from any book or movie who would it be?

only one.
good luck narrowing it down.

mine is Kartik from the Gemma Doyle tril.

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I choose Kartik,because he's the realest character I know.Human and not perfect.That's why he is perfect to me:)
Thats really hard to decide because I've read about so many great fictional guys. I'm going to say Either George Weasley From Harry Potter. Or Seth Clearwater or Jacob from twilight. I wouldnt pick Edward because there is no way I would marry a vampire no matter how hot he is.
artemis fowl.
Elphaba from WIcked! :D
I would think there would be alot of "EDWARD!!!" but hmmm

I say.....Poor little Benvolio from Romeo and Juliet
cant i have three...
Ron Weasley, Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. :]
Edward Cullen (obv.)
Any HP character... but more specifically, Dean, Seamus, Oliver, Harry, Ron, Fred, George... etc...
Has anyone said Jack Sparrow from PotC yet? Yes, he's a drunken lunatic, but my God, is he a hot drunken lunatic.
The Doctor :)
Jem, once he's older, from To Kill A Mockingbird.
Akkarin, from the black magician trilogy
Ok, pretty much every book I've ever read contains someone I want to marry.
Pacey from Dawson's creek.
Marcus Fluttie
omgomgomg *drools*

from the Megan McCafferty / Jessica Darling series
As of right this moment: Dave the Laugh from the Georgia Nicholson series. Most likely when some of his Cosmic Horn wanes though.
Yes! Of course Dave the Laugh! Cause....well.....he's a laugh! You know that if he got Georgia the horn would wane quite a bit. You know he's loved her since the beginning.
I'm surprised this hasn't been written a million times already.
I know he's already married but if only...


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