Who's your favourite Harry Potter character, least favourite and why?

I'm just curious about the world's opinion

My personal favourite.....all the Weasley's
Least.......Harry Potter
I like the Weasley's because they are all so close and I love their hair
and i don't like Harry because he's just so......hate able (no offence, just my opinion)

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I think that it is interesting that you say that you hate Harry...When I imagine going to Hogwarts I always think that I would probably never actually hang out with Harry, though I would really like the Weasley's and Hermione and I are a lot alike, but that's because I'm Ravenclaw to the bone. Anyways,...
My favourite is Snape, because...he's Snape! and I can't narrow it down to just one Weasley. Oh, and Nevil is in there. Least favourite: Rita Skeeter.

Neville should be the main character, and Snape is cool too XD
Crap! I forgot Luna. I just LOVE Luna. Okay, but Snape is still favourite. And Rita least favourite. Do you have one Weasley that you like a little more than the rest? I know, I know, so hard to choose....
Fred and George, for sure!
Most= either Snape of Lupin... they're both pretty unexpected....

Least= The Dursley's... can't really elaborate haha...
I think that my favorite might be Ginny. I really liked her, even though she did fall in love with Harry. And least favorite would probably have to be... hmm...
Well, aside from Harry, whom I fully blame for the ridiculous angst that infects children these days, I really never liked Dumbledore. He was so manipulative, and smug all the time.
You don't like Dumbledore? But he is the protective force behind so many of the other misunderstood characters that we love, like Snape and Hagrid. Okay, I must admit, I think Rowling could have done many more interesting things with him.....
I must say, I love Fred and George a whole lot, but that's pretty obvious - who doesn't love them?? They're jokestas!! :] Oooh, Nerdfighting PUN anyone? I also love Ron, just because he's so adorable and bewildered and I can picture him so vividly, just a lost little red-head. And also; there's no one I don't like in the Harry Potter series! They all bring a little somethin' somethin' to the table.
umbridge maybe?
Not even! I mean, I certainly don't adore her, but she's a good character, and I gotta appriciate all she's done for the book. Plus, it's like she's MEANT to be hated, and I don't really hate those kinds of charries.
This is so true!! Everyone plays a part in the whole story. Even Hannah Abbott! She was someone that was affected (or effected?) by Voldemort, and anyone that was just goes to show how truly awful a guy he was! I notice nobody's saying Voldemort, and I think it goes back to what you said about all the characters being important. So, my opinion, you're absolutely right. You can't like anyone more than someone else.
My favorite is definitely Sirius Black. Hence every screen name and such I have on every website or blog or anything - Widow Of Sirius. He's clever and witty and incredibly sexy (in my head, of course) and he was one of the most caring people in the series. Next to Molly Weasley of course.

My least favorite would have to be Dolores Umbridge though. Seriously, I got incredibly irate every time her character was mentioned because she was just so manipulative and because she was so effing smug and cruel and she was just an awful person and... *breathes deeply*
J.K. Rowling wrote her effectively, I suppose.


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