Ok lets play the wish game! Here's how you play, One person wishes for something, then the next person to post grants the wish, but has a downfall to it, then they make a wish.

Example: I wish I would go to the beach.

[next person comes]: Wish granted, but then you get sick the day you get there,
and have to go home. I wish i could go shopping.

Ok, so I will start with the first wish. I wish for World peace!

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Granted, but Ray William Johnson tells everyone not to subsribe to you and because he's the king of Youtube (I have no idea why), no one dares to subsribe to your channel.

PS. Send me a link to your channel. You seem like a cool person, I want to see your videos.

I wish I didn't have to go anywhere for the New Years eve.

granted, but that's because the 2012 "apocalypse" came a year early.


here's a link:

i vlog on sundays, it's a collab channel. i'll pm you the link just in case you don't see this.


i wish for everyone to be eternally happy.

Granted, but since they're so happy they have no motivation to do anything productive.


I wish my cat could speak fluent Spanish.

Granted, but it is deaf and so cannot actually talk to anyone in Spanish.

I wish that massive jock assholes would, y'know, not be such assholes.

Granted, but they are all annoying hipsters with "I'm better than you" attitude.

I wish I could go somewhere interesting while I'm on the winter break.

Granted, you can go to hell itself. But you certainly won't enjoy yourself there.

I wish there was an actual island where all nerdfighters could live in peace and awesomeness.
Granted, but you are the only one who shows up.

I wish for my wifi to stop breaking.

Granted, but it's all on fire.


I wish for a successful New Year.


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