Ok I know there have been other discussions about WoW but here I am, brand new to the whole thing, and lonely! lol

Anyone on the Alliance Azjoul-Jerub (I think that's how it's spelled) server?

I just started playing a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty into it so far.

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Quit now. Cancel your account.

Once you hit level 50 or so, it stops being a game, and becomes a job. Right down to having to be there at certain times of the day for x amount of hours and everything. Fucking raids.

And if you don't do that, you'll never have the equipment necessary to be worth anything in groups or pvp or to solo your way up to maximum level. And then, just in case that's not enough grinding, when the new expansion comes out, you'll need to get to level 80 to make a death knight.

Woo. Get to 80 so you can do it all over again with a new class.

End game is terrible. It's all built around making sure that you've always got more work to do and can never quit playing. Your character will, literally, never be where you want them to be. That's why WoW is so successful.
I was also obsessed until my girlfriend broke up with me because i was spending too much time with the game and not enough with her.
Well, in disagreement, I'm not canceling my account, nor am I quitting. When it gets to be boring or pointless, then I'll quit. For now it's a way for me to waste time and do something because I just graduated and I can't get a job for personal reasons.
So here I am, playing WoW.
And about the relationship thing, my boyfriend is the one who got me into WoW, so we play together, and have our "personal time" when we're not playing. It's quite successful and we're very happy.
And as a side note, he does the raids and the kara and the instances, and it doesn't affect our relationship.
i got bored around lvl 47. so i stopped, was a waste of money. now i play on a fun private server, feel no obligation to play alot, to get my money's worth. alot more fun. nicer community. look it up if you want.
I am medakia on nexus if you join.....
WoW dork and proud of it. I never have to worry about being too into it because I'm lazy. :P I actually got my mother into it, so now she's obsessed, but at least she doesn't mock my siblings and father and I about chatting about stats in a restaurant.

I'm on Cenarion Circle, highest level is my 45 pally (again, laziness. Also the fact that I just got into it a few months ago :D). Used to be into EQ, but they kept dumbing it down for newbies. Blah.
Awesome. My mom wants to play but on my account, which means when she's playing, I can't. So I might try to make her get her own. My step dad might play but he says he gets addicted to stuff too easily and if he got addicted to that he'd be playing it at work and whatnot. lol
Oh the way people bond with their families these days =D
Level 70 Blood Elf Preist and Proud of it! :D Way to take a stand and decide when you're good and ready to quit... shame you rolled alliance though eh? ;) hehe!

Though, i do disagree slightly with Decepticon about it stopping being a game at 50. Once you hit 60 get a new mount and are heading in to outlands for quests that give you 100k exp from stepping to the right to talk to the guy next to the origanal questgiver because he's far too lazy to turn 0 degrees to ask him himself haha... the mind numbing grinding to 70 starts. Then its like: "Ok, i'm 70... whoooo!" ... I think thats when it seriously starts to take over, since that when the game properly starts hehe :P but....its where the second half of the fun starts xD hehe
Haha I am trying SO hard to level my Rogue. It's getting aggravating but I'll get there one day... One day...
Between 30 and 60 feel like a drag haha


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