im just did it to make you twilight/book nerdfighters mad.
anyways, what's you're feedback/feelings on the movie, BD, or anything related to twilight?

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I think the movie will be AMAZING! even though i pictured it a little different i still think it will be a success! :)
oooohhhhhhhh you are sneaky!! lol


I seriously check imdb and meyer's website like every day to see if there has been any updates, new trivia info, or new interviews to watch.

I think some friends and I will go together to the movie with team edward shirts lol
I hate the girl they chose to do the leading role, I think she does a poor job in every movie that she takes part in.
I am with you in this one. -_-
I like Kirsten Stewart she just doesnt alway get good movies

Like in the land of women was awful
1)Twilight sucks.
I will probably still sneak into the movie to see how shitty it is, I think the only thing that would redeem that movie is the glorious mug of Robert Pattinson, that man is ridiculously attractive.
2) It is over glorified fan fiction.
3)Genius, ha no. Nice woman, but most definitely not a genius.

Lastly, to further comment on this young lady's opinions (from the video); when she said, she does not see how others cannot like it, well she needs accept that not everyone is going to like what she likes. She needs to stop being so psychotic by trying to force them. To each their own. More importantly she need to rid herself of the delusion that people have a lower intelligence than hers just because they don't like what she likes. She's engaging in very asinine mentality/behaviour herself, if that is what she truly believes.
People like her make me hate the fans as well. Which I know is silly, but H-Christ, if you think like this, you're ridiculous.
now that was a brilliant comment!
me too
that chick is a psychopath!
I think at some point she has to realize .Its a book not some big debate you either like it or you don't.
I don't really hate it, I just think the writing and storyline isn't as good as it could be, and that frustrates me. I agree with Alex Carpenter on this one.

i am very excited about the film, i just hope its good. i dont care if its slightly different to the book, as long as its not rubbish...i'll be viewing it as a seperate thing to the book. and if its good, it can only encourage the growth of the twilight fan base!

Breaking Dawn ... hmmm... an entertaining read, but i cant see it as part of the series, otherwise i hate it. from the 7th chapter onwards, it was mental. ceerazy...and i didnt like it. I didnt like how insane it was, and how it was obvious SM was just writing anything to get the ending she wanted, rather than the ending the series needed. OK, its her book, and i want her to be happy writing it. BUT so much of that book was irrelevant, or mad. Some aspects I didnt mind, but a lot i didnt want to be there. i only started enjoying the book on my second read when i accepted that no, i hadnt been pranked, this was the real book not an insane fanfic. then i was able to enjoy it, in an entertainment sense. In a literature, part of the twilight series, still cant accept it. They are seperate stories. Its like the final chapter of Harry Potter, and the extra final book of the Wicca/Sweep series (Nights Child) (which i like to pretend was a dream)...the writing style had decreased, the plot was mental (or just a bit boring, and not epilogue worthy, in HP), and not at all needed.
I bet Bellas wishing she didnt persuade Edward to stop at the end of Eclipse. I know I wish she hadnt!!

Twilight related stuff? I am soooo going to the UK Twilight convention in March! YAY!


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