OK everyone knows about Harry Potter and Twilight and the other best sellers but what are some of the best undiscovered books out there

*my favorite undiscovered books: Shock Point, Twisted, Right Behind You, and The Scilenced

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I owned Blue Like Jazz for a while, never read it though.
You should definitely try to find a copy and read it. It's true to its word when it says that it's nonreligious about Christianity. You may not think that something like that could work, but it does, wonderfully enough.
Sex God is a great book. Plus, just holding it makes people think that you're reading dirty things, which is always good.
Lmao, yeah, people are always like what are you reading??
lol, that reminds me of when I read Niezche's "Gay Science", the looks I got...

Ever tried Lockpick Pornography? XD

Blue Like Jazz is *amazing*.
I love Blue Like Jazz. It's a good way for non-Christians to get an accurate picture of what what it means to be a true Christian without getting the religion shoved down your throat.
I've been meaning to read it, but I'm slightly skeptical. I consider myself a christian, but I'm super liberal and all of my conservative friends like it ALOT. You're comment makes me want to try it :)
Rob Bell is extraordinary.  I've read Sex God and Velvet Elvis three or four times each.  I picked up a copy of Blue Like Jazz, but haven't had a chance to read it yet.  In the same vein of books, Jesus for President and The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne are both incredible books.

I got to read The Irresistible Revolution for one of my classes. I agree, it's fantastic. I just wish now that I'd bought it instead of borrowing it off my roommate.

The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper
Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright


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