Hey! Oo everyone loves Edwin, but I know there are some wolves out there! I like Jacob ten times better than Edwin. Jacob's cougar friendly. ^^ Converse of Wolves, the story, and each other. Make friends.

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Um, his name's Edward. Just so you know.
yeah ^^ a pun I know his name
I think cause it's EdWIN and everyone thinks he's all awesome and made of win... at least that's how I took it.
i dunno i just-*pionts at comment below me* uh sure, go with that guy!
or above me
Yeah, I don't mean to be rude, but if you can't get Edward's name right, I don't think you have the jurisdiction to be saying that Jacob is better. Unless you are putting his name wrong on purpose as in "he means so little to me I forget his name", then it's all jokez. If not feel free to delete my comment for being rude. Apparently I'm rude.
I don't think you're rude at all.
I was just joking...nah it's not rude
The name isn't wrong. It's what Charlie was calling him at first, and in my opinion, it's not that great of a burn.

By the way, I'm an Edward fan XD. Jacob sucks.
*wimper* i'm not trying to burn edward (no pwn intended) I'm just calling him edwin, it's a nickname. no need for hostility.
is that spelled right?
Oh. I just assumed that since Charlie kept on getting the name wrong and calling him Edwin. Sorry.


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