If you were famous, what would you request in your trailer/dressing room?

For me, it'd be bottled water (just so I can make sure it's clean), a laptop with internet access, godiva bars, fettucinni , tiramisu, all the Harry Potter and Twilight books (just because... haha), apples, oranges, mangoes, and kiwi... to be somewhat healthy. XD

That's quite a list... I'm going to be quite a handful when I become extremely famous...

Which will probably happen when Bella and Jacob get together.
(Team Edward FTW!)

...Just throwing that out there. :0)

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A laptop with an internet connection and a huge library of music
Great lighting
A really comfortable couch and chair
Cold, clean water
Air-conditioning/heating (and control over both)
Surround-sound speaker system connecting to the laptop
A very large mirror with dressing/make-up table underneath
Table with 3 chairs


I can't really think of anything else. I don't want anything too extravagant. I'm no fun. *facepalm*

LOL. I expected all those things already and haven't included them in my list! I've been so thoughtless!
Haha. I can just imagine someone sitting on the floor with just stacks of books, a laptop, and an array of fruit and orange candies surrounding him/her. I'm too practical with these types of questions.
Bahahahaha XD

I missed Reese's as well... *facepalm*
1) Laptop with Internet access and music
2) Various cakes and biscuits
3) Tea making facilities
4) A 24-hour pizza delivery service
5) A plasma screen TV with a bunch of movies and TV shows.

That's all I think.
laptop w/internet connection
a fridge stuffed with ramune and rice balls and pizza
the freezer has to have dilly bars and lots of flavor ice
a pantry with cheezeits and jiffy pop an CHOCOLATE!!!!!!
cold, clean water
a bunch of dog food for my puppy
a memory foam matress cos i sleep a lot...
oh, and a library next door XDDD maybe a bookstore too.. just a lot of books!!!!
and snappea crisps and pink lemonade and whie grape juice
a tv too with xbox and rock star.... and a wii
lol. Nah, you don't have to. ;)
THE THOR! (a made of awesome tuba) I may update my list later, as this is obviously not all.
So much J-rock on a portable laptop so i would have unlimited choice. This laptop would also have to have internet connection and a up-to-date copy of World of Warcraft...
LOST seasons 1-4 DVD's would have to be there. It is a must. I can not go 24 hours without at least 1 episode of LOST.
Strawberries and grapes, since they go with ANYTHING xD
My nintendo Wii.
A mobile phone with unlimited credit... haha... i have to keep in contact with everyone! :P
Oh, and the entire Death Note and DNAngel mangas/anime in the orignal japanese godness... though, the mangas can be in english hehe...

What can i say? I want a lot of things ;) heh
1) a laptop (duh) with internet
2) dark chocolate covered anything
3) all my favorite books
3) all my favorite musical soundtrack cds
4) a cd player with a good sound system
5) diet coke
6) black cherry propel
7) a ballet bar/and ballet music
8) all my favorite movies and a large tv screen
9) a foot messager
lots of food. i'm saying that mostly because i'm starving right now though. a couch that pulls out into a bed. a laptop with amazing internet connection on it so i could watch youtube all day. lots of water and grape soda. and everything else that is awesome that i would want in there. XD


...That was great. :D




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