Really? No one knows how Willy broke his foot?

It seems like at least one person should know

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That. Was. Amazing.
XDXD And to think i thought that was an actual news report at first, great job
A big dog, eh? I thought maybe all his awesomeness collected and settled in his leg and it was too much for his little bone structure and a fracture occurred.
*rideo* :)
But that can ` t be. If all his awesomeness settled in his leg and was too much and he broke it, then all his awesomeness would ` n t be in the rest of his body. And that means he would be even more awesome! I LOVE NERD POWER! But, anyway, (that was a bit random, don ` t you think?) he is still awesome all in his tiny cute body,and that does , my friend , make him even more awesome.
I know! At least 1 person should know how Willy broke his foot! I don `t even know if John or Hank knows how he broke his foot. The awesome in Willy was broken in his foot, and nobody knows how? This is just depressing. I cant talk about this anymore.


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