So I want everyone to just hit paste and see what's been stored in their paste memory.
mine is:
"Snuffalufagus because he is both alive and not, just like everything in the world that is beautiful"
I typed this quick after hearing John say it on the liveblogTV chat and pasted it into my quotes.
happy pasting!

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Don't know what to do with myself.
Mario DDR
Kyoko Kirisaki.

(A character from Black Cat. Which is rather amazing.)
Tom Marvolo Riddle.

hmm *giggles*
+3° 37' 23.06", -59° 45' 45.13"
"94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E000028C 000000EC C1677E3A CA460000 6FCB76EE 511B2244 AE7607DC 52961DDC 4E86AA77 ECCB42E0 ABC2AED8 D44AFFDA D23D37C8 46D01184 F22F7D26 9AAC1080 ECEC2DB2 0AFCF56B AFE8D7BB 87F1D1D6 42D33D46 18E2F3A7 C6DE9407 D91CB91D 8777EF30 90DF7855 BDBF1E62 5FE24651 D591C3C2 F854F29F E0F90250 635EE457 D385F96D 591EBC82 BB66D620 517C637B 53943C62 4205B38A 74715F6B 5B4044D4 642D890C ACCD49AF 9A764024 2D4FA2CC 66B813A9 65F6CD23 FE3472E7 15ED05E6 25C4B139 3D584EF5 1E97EF2D D49828B7 B910DA76 B3CE152D B1ED7927 6E9E3843 BDAC741E 2834A969 E62994BD A38C4A62 1E8B69E0 00000000 D2000000 00000000"

It's an action replay code DS, I think it's for a shiny timid, Hidden Power ice (power 70) Suicune in Pokemon Platinum xD
"Of all the things I've wanted in my life
You're the something mystical"

... hmm. I think That's part of some Irish song...
Of all the things I've wanted in my life
You're the something mystical
I lie in bed at night in your arms
You are so damn mystical
The way you touch my hands makes me smile
You make me feel so beautiful
When I see the loving in your eyes
I know it's more than physical
Wherever time may take you in your life
Remember this was beautiful
You're so beautiful
You're so beautiful
its an enter space. cause my enter key is broken


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