So I want everyone to just hit paste and see what's been stored in their paste memory.
mine is:
"Snuffalufagus because he is both alive and not, just like everything in the world that is beautiful"
I typed this quick after hearing John say it on the liveblogTV chat and pasted it into my quotes.
happy pasting!

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"Of all the things I've wanted in my life
You're the something mystical"

... hmm. I think That's part of some Irish song...
Of all the things I've wanted in my life
You're the something mystical
I lie in bed at night in your arms
You are so damn mystical
The way you touch my hands makes me smile
You make me feel so beautiful
When I see the loving in your eyes
I know it's more than physical
Wherever time may take you in your life
Remember this was beautiful
You're so beautiful
You're so beautiful
its an enter space. cause my enter key is broken

I copy and paste symbols a lot :D
it gave him more wood than Gandalf's staff
Ravenclaw FTW.
Christian Tyler Hardee
Taking another swing at "dinner". Salisbury steak this time. Actually tastes good. don't think my stomach will reject it this time. x

Lol. That was a tweet I copied because twitter wouldn't post it and I had to reload the page and I didn't want to retype it. Yay for laziness!
"ehbfl;kmhdv;thrl jgkmadf;ma'evwkgl;iljhkdfnl;iasjdhfgklai.fjhkidjkmngfapokhgnhlaerohujkghrgbvpolejkhtguoiuwelkjfgerigmsio;dfkjghaliorulgkjam,nberilugheril;egajhirlkhgayeruflkjaberio;gkjhlaiureo;lkjhgiaoweklhaopwoelhkfgario;kgjhauirelgjh areopitjh rilkitvhakirkilanwekfuasdkhjfuadsnfiualhdtuiaklrefyiokjltioajkfdbgioahrhgioajhklfhgiuoalhmngu;aclkdnoiaelshfnoeirhwaeljkrbaoidslhfgadlhgaslhdhafdilkhbvroejhaghwlurhtporailgioalknmgiolakruglraegtuila,emnrltiuaejhrtiakjt


i was having a fight over facebook... :DD

I needed a reference picture for my unicorn shirt. :D


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