So I want everyone to just hit paste and see what's been stored in their paste memory.
mine is:
"Snuffalufagus because he is both alive and not, just like everything in the world that is beautiful"
I typed this quick after hearing John say it on the liveblogTV chat and pasted it into my quotes.
happy pasting!

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Oscar Wilde

"luca turilli"

I was googling something someone mention to me in a conversation on skype

I would bring Shakespeare, king Leonidus of Sparta, nicepeter and one troll from the Internet. That way, when the troll starts his shit, I have 3 of the greatest word-smiths (a title I just made up to accommodate someone who can create incredible and awesome insults) to tear him a new one.

Seriously, those 3 guys together would make the greatest insults of all time. Shakespeare was, as we all know, a badass at insults. Leonidus, I will always believe to be THE greatest trash-talker of all time. And nicepeter, who's freaking JOB it is to create rap-battles between figures of history! It would be a heck of a fun night.

I would, but its all of my novel that i have written so far. Sorry:(

i was talking about how this was really weird and funny because of what its purpose was :3

Listen to this, but make sure you don't just turn it off when you recognize the song. It has a twist.

This: "People don't care about endings! As long as everything else is awesome, you don't need an en



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