I'm sure this is the same for many many fans but The Sandman Comics.
The original series itself is just superb (Dave's work just makes it too). The plot can never truly be grasped. Seriously, read it over and over and you will always find a little detail you didn't grasp before and fall in love with it again and again. He can capture little part of you that you may have though was silly or fanciful and make it glorious and sometimes a little frightening. The best thing about the Sandman is it doesn't stop! Little bits of it bleed out into all his other work and it seems never ending in awesome!

Many people have recently been complaining about Mr. Gaimens leap further into mainstream culture but I would like to say that this is not a bad thing because it means he gets more money to do more projects thus: more Gaimen.
Unlike many great artists I have faith that he will not sell out on his character or writing style because he is just that awesome.

How about all of you NerdFighters out there huh? (did we not freak out a little with joy when he did the the introductory hello on a vlog that time?)

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American Gods hands down although I do love his short stories as well (what can I say I am stubbornly text based) Gods just fit my own view of the universe so well. I also deeply love the story where the old lady discovers the holy grail in the second hand shop. It's even better when you hear him read it as he does in one of the extras on the John Bolton movie I bought for the library (truth is I'd pay to watch Gaiman read the phone book)
Yeah It was a tough choice between American Gods and The Sandman. Every thing you said here just hits the right notes for me too! Yay for great minds and their alikeness in thinking!... Yay for my complete lack of vocabulary.
I've always wanted to read the Sandman graphic novels but unfortuantely there is not a comic book store within 150 km of where I live lol. So instead I have had to make do with Mr. Gaimans awesomely awesome novels. I have to say my favourite is Stardust. With so much fantasy now adays focusing on long winded (and wonderful) epic series it was so refreshing to read a light tale of adventure, magic, and romance. No matter what genre he writes in every word is magic and I worship him for that.

PS I TOTALLY freaked when he did the vlogbrothers intro XD It was so made of awesome. He is a Nerdfighter through and through.
You can probably download them? I know it's not the same without the crisp smell of the pages but it's a fair bet to say they would be on a torrent streamer like demonoid? Except you need an invite with that but usually you can find people who will e-mail you one. It's really worth going over your download quota.
Anasi Boys, without a doubt. It was hilarious, and had such a Gaiman(that is awesome) ending to it. I've been meaning to read it again.
Nothing wrong with that at all! :)
I like his style when he does more childish things. It's like we see into his childhood more. You could say you liked his work in beowulf even and it's just as relevant! You love what you love.
Sandman is awesome... but I'd have to say American Gods. I really enjoi'd the side premise of how the forgotten gods get along by maintaining a sideways presence in the social collective.
Yeah that concept was pretty spectacular. Hehe after reading that I assumed every spotty overweight teenager with a burger was the anthropomorphic personification/godlike embodiment of Fast food. Then again it's almost all just a big gaimenverse really :).
My favorite novel is American Gods, though Neverwhere is pulling a close second.

Has anyone else seen Mirrormask? It's a movie written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Dave McKean.


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